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Desktop USB video conferencing machine equipped with Beijing Ingenic T31A chip

January 13, 2021

The agent of Beijing Ingenic  will explain the new generation of intelligent video SoC chip for you. The T31 series adopts 22 nanometer technology, has a clock speed of up to 1.8G, supports up to 5 million 25 frames, and has two packaging methods, BGA and QFN. In the T31 series of chips, T31L focuses on cost performance, which can provide consumers with more and better choices, and is the best choice for the extremely cost-effective H.265 IPC solution. T31A is the best choice for the current audio and video integrated chip. At the same time, different from ordinary SoC chips, the biggest feature of T31A is that it can integrate Beijing Junzheng's series of deep learning algorithms on the device side, including the detection and recognition of deep learning human figures, faces, and license plates. Compared with the traditional CV algorithm, Beijing Ingenic's deep learning algorithm is more efficient and more accurate in complex environments such as occlusion and large angles. It solves the pain points of the CV algorithm and calmly empowers end-level AI.

Beijing Ingenic T31A chip desktop USB video conference all-in-one is a desktop USB video conference video terminal newly created by Frogsound Technology for small and medium-sized elite teams. This product has a 100° super horizontal viewing angle and supports 1080P full HD video. call. Built-in 4-unit omnidirectional microphone array and high-quality full-range speakers optimized for human voices, combined with Frogsound Technology's third-generation Pure Vioce audio technology, can achieve 8 meters high-quality full-duplex calls, providing users with clear, stable and smooth Audio and video conference experience. Hamedal C20 integrates a camera, microphone, and speaker, USB plug-and-play, compatible with multi-platform video software, and can be perfectly suitable for conference rooms with 1-8 people. It is an indispensable tool for all kinds of enterprises to improve the efficiency of remote collaboration.

20210112_101659 (1).jpg

It has six characteristics:

(1) Omnidirectional 4 microphone array algorithm, 8 meters far field clear pickup

(2) Unique AI noise reduction technology blessing, greatly improving the concentration of meetings

(3) True full-duplex in the industry, high-quality uninterrupted and smooth calls

(4) 100°full HD wide-angle lens, enjoy the conference without distortion

(5) Extensive software and hardware compatibility, adapting to mainstream video platforms

(6) Audio-visual integrated intelligent touch, convenient and easy-to-use quality experience

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