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Xiaobai smart video doorbell D1 set equipped with Beijing Ingenic T21Z chip


Today the editor of Ingenic’s agent will introduce to you a small white smart video doorbell D1 set developed by Chuangmi Technology. This is a doorbell equipped with Beijing Ingenic’s T21Z chip. Ingenic’s T21Z chip has super High efficiency, support Smart H.264 encoding engine, full real-time performance; support low-power quick start, front-end false alarm filtering algorithm; support 2 million high-definition resolution, adopt a new generation of ISP noise reduction technology. The power consumption of a typical 2 million code scene chip is less than 300mW, which is very suitable for cost-effective low-power camera solutions.


This product has 8 features: AI face recognition, remote video call, PIR human body sensing detection, high-definition infrared night vision, voice change, alarm, 1080P high-definition and so on.As a doorbell, its volume is relatively large, but the white appearance is also more beautiful. Inside the black decorative ring there are cameras and PTR sensors and microphones. The camera has a wide angle of 120 degrees, and the width of the shooting picture is still very large.


At the bottom of the fuselage, you can see the speaker openings, and the sound quality is good in actual use. In use, you can communicate with guests outside the door remotely through your mobile phone. If there is no one at home when the courier/takeaway guy rings the doorbell, he can communicate with him through the doorbell.


The biggest difference between smart doorbells and ordinary doorbells is that they can communicate in real time. Not only can the safety factor be improved, but also the courtesy can be done in case a friend comes. It is very simple to use. When a guest presses the doorbell, the outdoor doorbell and indoor receiver will ring. However, the actual test is that the indoor receiver is much faster, almost synchronized with the outdoor receiver.

This Xiaobai smart video doorbell actually combines the "doorbell" and "security monitoring" functions into one. It not only has ordinary doorbell function, but also real-time call and video recording function, which plays a role of safety protection. Especially it supports remote monitoring, which must be very important. It can let you know who stayed in front of your door.

In general, Ingenic's chip is very powerful, and the doorbell made by the chip is very good.

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