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Wireless Display Receiver/Dongle, a new way to define your digital life


The Screen of your phone is too small? Not enough for only watching video/playing games on a small screen and can not share with your friends? Wireless display receiver is your best choice.

With Wireless Display Receiver, any TV can instantly become a Smart TV

It lets your TV connect to your phone, computer, tablet, and so on.

Home entertainment/training / business meetings, enlarge the domestic at any time

LED, LCD or Plasma TV, all no problem

You just need to have a HDMI Port

Mobile games/movie/photos / video/Projector can also be used

Plug and play

Listening / shopping online more and more

Kids can watch it on the big screen, too! Mom can be more rest assured

Fast to have a let it become your exclusive cinema

Sharing the same screen with your family

Wireless Miracast Dongle, also called Wireless Display Dongle

A new way to define your digital life

Wireless Miracast Dongle + Normal TV = Intelligent TV

Dual Mode: Same Screen, Cast Screen

Screening is more stable

Share the phone screen to the TV/Projector, enjoy the big screen fun

Easily start a meeting

Mobile connected to the projector/TV, clear presentation of the meeting.

Suitable for business meeting, presentations or training lectures

Mirror Games to bigger screen, more enjoyable

Playing games with large screen to enhance and picture effect, creating a better game atmosphere

Please tell us your needs

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