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Winbond launches new 64Mb high-capacity SPI NOR flash memory


Introducing Winbond Electronics to launch 64Mb high-capacity SPI NOR flash memory products in the low-voltage 1.2V product series.

Winbond Electronics also introduced new NOR flash memory products suitable for automotive use and SPI NAND flash memory for higher than industrial temperature and high speed.

Winbond Electronics, a leading global semiconductor memory manufacturer, announced that in the 1.2V W25Q-ND series of SpiFlash® memory products, it has launched new power-saving products that can meet a variety of applications and have higher storage capacity.

W25Q64ND has a capacity of 64Mb, and customer samples will be provided. Products with a capacity of 128Mb are also under development. At present, Winbond Electronics has provided 8Mb W25Q80ND 1.2V SpiFlash samples for customer testing.

This series of 1.2V SpiFlash products saves about 33% in general operation and standby power consumption compared to the normal 1.8V power supply NOR flash memory. Devices such as wireless devices or battery-powered modules have a strong need to reduce power consumption, and the 1.2V SpiFlash series products are also matched with other low-power technologies, such as Bluetooth® Low Energy, etc. Distance wireless communication protocol.

Winbond Electronics will soon introduce 1.2V SpiFlash series products in the exhibition hall of B5.520 at the Munich Electronics Show. New products such as NOR flash memory used in automobiles and SPI NAND suitable for higher temperature environments will also be displayed at that time.

Winbond Electronics also announced a new 32nm process SLC NAND manufactured by a 12-inch wafer fab in Taiwan. W29N02KV is a 2Gb ONFI NAND flash memory product manufactured by a 32nm process and has already sent samples to customers for certification; in addition, W25N02KV is 2Gb SPI NAND will provide samples in the first half of next year.

Chen Weilin, Deputy Director of the Product Planning Department of Winbond Electronics, mentioned that "For all Winbond Electronics customers, we are a stable and reliable manufacturing supplier. Our 46nm SLC NAND has been mass-produced and passed the test of various applications. We successfully introduced the 32nm process, which also means Winbond continues to invest in the development of more advanced process technology, with the goal of satisfying customers' needs for cost and quality."

Winbond Electronics has been providing automotive flash memory for a long time by complying with standards for automotive electronic parts and traceable products. This time, at the Munich Electronics Fair, it demonstrated new products that meet automotive use and once again emphasized Winbond's automotive memory products. The focus of hard work and leadership.

Winbond Electronics’ current automotive product SPI NOR has 512Mbit W25Q512JV and 1Gbit W25Q01JV. It is expected that in the first half of next year there will be material numbers that support different temperature levels to choose from: Level 3 (85°C), Level 2 (105 °C) and class 1 (125°C). These new high-capacity products can be applied to safety-required installations that require storage of large-capacity programs, such as the front camera lens in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the Internet of Vehicles (V2X) systems.

 The SPI NAND released by Winbond Electronics at the Munich Electronics Show not only supports a higher operating temperature to AG2+ (115°C), but also provides high-speed operation and a reading speed of 80MB/s. The capacity of serial SPI NAND that supports automotive specifications can reach 2Gbit.


 As an agent of Winbond, we will always assist the original factory to bring you high-quality, high-quality products, and will continue to update new products.

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