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Winbond FLASH chip W25Q128JVSSIQ full range of storage solutions


Winbond chip model W25Q128JVSSIQ, serial SPI FLASH memory, SOIC-8, 128Mbit, W25Q128 series memory chips provide low-cost system program storage space optimization solutions for various electronic products.


Single/dual/quad SPI operation

Unified 4KB erasable sector and 32KB / 64KB erasable block

65,536 pages (256 bytes), with 0.7mS (typical value) page programming

Read 8/16/32/64 bytes continuously

Clock operating frequency up to 133MHz (dual/quad SPI is equivalent to 266/532MHz)

2.7 to 3.6V power supply

<1µA power-down current

-40° to +85°C operating range

Program/erase pause/continue, pause status bit

Unique ID for factory programming

Electronic ID with dual/quadruple SPI, the top or bottom module has hardware and software write protection

Volatile and non-volatile status register bits

Lock and OTP protection

Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP)

3X256byte security register with OTP lock

Complementary array protection bit

Single block/sector write protection

Software reset and configurable hardware/RESET pin

Programmable output driver strength

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