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Winbond and Synopsys have reached a partnership to provide high-capacity NAND flash memory solutions


Winbond Electronics announced that Winbond OctalNAND Flash can be fully supported by integrating with Synopsys for AMBA DesignWare Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) IP. DesignWare SSI IP can optimize flash memory performance and help serial flash memory and Winbond OctalNAND Flash achieve high transfer rates and reduce latency.

Winbond and Synopsys will join hands this time to accelerate the adoption of OctalNAND Flash with a capacity of up to 4Gb and a high-speed reading function, and provide completeflash memory solutions for applications such as automobiles, mobile devices and IoT devices.

As the world's first 8 I/Oserial NAND Flash, Winbond OctalNAND Flash can provide automotive, communications and industrial system manufacturers with the highest capacity embedded code storage products available today, and its performance is the same as that of NOR Flash solutions, but More cost advantage.

At present, NOR Flash technology has developed to its limit, leading to high-capacity products. It is difficult forflash memorysuppliers to further optimize to obtain better performance and cost-effectiveness while ensuring the use of industry-standard packaging. Therefore, in order to solve the existing problems, Winbond developed the OctalNAND Flash solution. In the past, in applications such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive dashboards, and factory automation controllers, system designers mostly used NOR Flash technology. However, as the code size of these systems gradually exceeds 512Mb, the cost of using NOR Flash will be much higher than that of NAND Flash of the same capacity.


OctalNAND Flash product advantages

In most high-capacity embedded applications, a large amount of system code is generally mapped to DRAM for execution, and the read transfer rate of OctalNAND Flashcan reach 240MB per second, and it has the ability to read continuously, which can greatly save transfer time. Although NAND Flash cannot avoid the appearance of bad memory blocks, Winbond OctalNAND Flash has a bad block replacement function, which can map and replace bad blocks, so that the main chip machine can maintain the continuity of data transmission and simplify high speed The code mapping process does not require the main chip to skip bad blocks.


As OTA updates become a standard feature in embedded system design, the required memory capacity will usually double. Nowadays, 1Gb and 2Gb storage are quite common for code storage, and even 4Gb is frequently used. After the popularization of OTA, the erasing and writing speed of flash memory has become particularly important. Compared with NOR Flash, the erasing speed of OctalNAND Flash can be up to 400 times faster, and the writing speed can be up to 50 times faster. When most of the flash memory needs to be updated by OTA, switching from NOR Flash to OctalNAND Flash means that its erase/write time will be shortened from nearly 10 minutes to less than 1 minute, which greatly improves system availability and user experience.

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