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Who affects the performance of surveillance cameras?


With the continuous popularization and development of video surveillance system, the development and application speed of surveillance camera is accelerating. At the same time, with the continuous growth of people's demand, surveillance cameras are also constantly improved in technology and performance, and new technology applications are also in the process of development. So, what factors can affect the performance of surveillance cameras?

Image sensor

As an important part of the surveillance camera, the quality of the image sensor directly affects the display effect of the final image. CCD sensor occupies a dominant position in the application of surveillance cameras in the past, which has the advantages of high signal-to-noise ratio, strong color reduction ability, strong sense of transparency, low impact distortion and so on, and is widely used in the field of public transportation and finance. But with its technical difficulty, high cost, power consumption also restricted its market size, start gradually declined. CMOS image sensor, with its low power consumption, high integration, fast speed, low cost and other advantages, develops rapidly, so that the original intelligence in the low-end monitoring field set foot in it, but also gradually expand to the high-end field.

Pixel value, resolution

Pixels are the basic units that make up an image. If you enlarge the image infinitely, you will find that the whole image is made up of small square points, which are pixels.

Resolution is the standard to measure image sharpness, in the video surveillance industry, video resolution in more than 1080P is called hd. 1080P/2.0MP Wireless Indoor Camera Surveillance Security IP Camera.

Minimum illumination

The minimum illumination is another important index to measure the surveillance camera. In many security monitoring fields, the surveillance camera may work under any conditions, so the environment where the camera is located is uncertain. Therefore, some projects require the surveillance camera to have the characteristics of low illumination. Minimum illumination is simply the ability of a surveillance camera to work in the dark.

Minimum illumination can also be called sensitivity, because there is no unified standard in the industry, so users can not completely rely on the value marked in the product description, as the standard for their choice of equipment. At present, most of the surveillance cameras sold in the market support two imaging effects, namely black and white and color, because in the black and white mode, the camera has no chromaticity processing, only the light is strong and weak induction, so the camera in the black and white mode, can adapt to the use of the environment with weaker light.

Infrared lamp

At present many surveillance cameras are equipped with infrared lamp, through their own light source to improve the effect of the use of surveillance cameras in the night, but as a result of infrared lamp life is generally shorter, also become the influence of its use in the security monitoring industry, there is no one of the more perfect technology to improve the situation, also become the direction of future efforts to numerous manufacturers.

Conclusion: as the "visual part" of the monitoring system, the main function of the monitoring camera is to provide a clear picture. Users do not need to blindly pursue some gaudy functions. They only need to ensure a clear picture and return to the original needs.

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