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What tests need to do for chips?


The most basic part of making a chip is to design -> chip -> package -> test. The chip cost is generally 20% of labor cost, 40% of chip, 35% of package, and 5% of test. (for advanced technology, the cost of chip may exceed 60%.)

In fact, testing is the cheapest step in all aspects of the chip. In this fierce market where every company is Shouting "Cost Down", the labor Cost is rising year by year. Fabs and packaging factories are all "powerful" in the market of party b.

But if you do the math, you save 50 percent of the test, you save only 2.5 percent of the total cost, and you save 15 percent of the slice or package cost, so the test is free. However, testing is the final test of product quality. Without good testing, the product PPM [million failure rate] is too high, and the return or compensation is far beyond the 5% cost.

What kind of tests need to do for chips?

It is mainly divided into three categories: chip function test, performance test and reliability test.

Function test to see if the chip is right

Performance test to see if the chip is good

Reliability test to see whether the chip is strong.

Function test, is to test the parameters of the chip, indicators, functions, human words is to see your baby born in October is a mule is a horse to walk.

Performance testing, because the chip in the manufacturing process, there are countless possible steps to introduce defects, even the same batch of wafers and packaging finished products, the chip is also good or bad, so the need for screening, people say is to pick the stone in the egg, the "stone" chip away.

Reliability test, chip through the function and performance test, obtained the good chips, but chips will be hate static break in in the winter, in the thunderstorm days can work normally, the dog days, the snow day, as well as the chip can be used for a month, a year or 10 years, and so on, these are to pass the reliability test for evaluation.

What tools do we have to implement these tests?

Testing methods: plate-level testing, wafer CP testing, FT testing of packaged products, system-level SLT testing, and reliability testing.

Board level testing is mainly applied to functional testing. PCB board + chip is used to build a "simulated" working environment of the chip, and the interface of the chip is introduced to test the function of the chip, or to see whether the chip can work normally under various harsh environments. The equipment to be applied is mainly instruments and meters, and the EVB evaluation board is mainly to be made.

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