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What should be paid attention to during the use of LED backlight


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1. Backlight, when its working temperature is higher than 25℃, Ifm, Ifp and Pd need to be reduced; the current reduction rate is -0.36mA/℃ (DC drive), or -0.86mA/℃ (pulse drive); The reduction rate is -0.75mW/℃; the working current of the product cannot be greater than 60% of the corresponding working temperature conditions Ifm and Ifp;

2. The backlight should be anti-static: If the LED is damaged by static electricity, it will show some undesirable characteristics, such as increased leakage current, decreased or increased static forward voltage, low current test is not bright or light is abnormal (dark, etc.); so , All equipment and instruments in contact with the product need to be reliably grounded; all personnel in contact with the product need to wear anti-static appliances (such as anti-static wrist straps or anti-static gloves, etc.);

3,The backlight source should be over-current protection: Connect the LED protection resistor in series to make it work stable, the calculation formula of the protection resistance: R=(Vcc-Vf)/If, where: Vcc is the power supply voltage, Vf is the LED driving voltage, If is Forward current

4. When detecting and using the backlight, it is necessary to provide each LED with the same current (that is, using a constant current source) that is consistent with the If regulations, to ensure that the backlight reaches the specified brightness;

5. The Vf and If values should not exceed the rated values specified in the "Photoelectric Characteristics" to avoid damage to the backlight LED.

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