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What's the difference between ear thermometer and forehead thermometer?


What's the difference between ear thermometer and forehead thermometer?

1. Main measuring positions are different

The ear thermometer measures body temperature mainly through the eardrum, which requires a probe to be put into the ear.

The forehead thermometer is mainly to scan the temperature of the forehead, point the instrument to the front of the forehead in the middle, and keep the level above the brow, press the measurement key, hear the beep, you can know the measurement result.

2. Different characteristics

Ear temperature gun is dual-purpose, ear temperature and forehead temperature can be measured, the measurement results are more accurate. The thermograph can be used to measure the surface temperature of an object, such as the surface temperature of a teacup.

3. Different influencing factors

Ear temperature gun can sometimes be affected by ear scale; The forehead thermometer is easy to be affected by the external temperature, at room temperature, after exercise or whether the forehead is dry will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

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