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What procedure does mouth mask, forehead infrared thermometer export need?


What procedure does disposable mask, forehead infrared thermometer export need? ? 

The frontal temperature gun, which can quickly monitor the body temperature through infrared ray, is very popular for providing great convenience for the epidemic prevention work of enterprises. Can the guns be exported to the United States? What are the specific requirements for exporting to the United States?

If the declaration is not consistent with the real goods, the goods will be intercepted by the customs. If the goods do not meet the eu standards, then the goods are not allowed to pass customs, how to judge whether the goods meet the eu standards? We need to do the corresponding certification documents, certification certificate.

Medical electrical equipment, such as mailing infrared thermometer, need to do eu CE certification. Obtain the CE certification label to prove to the United States that the goods meet the requirements of the European Union. The customs of all countries will not be difficult to meet the standards of the products, can smooth customs clearance. If there is no certification document, there is a risk that the goods will be detained by the customs of the destination country.

The above is the requirements of the United States customs, in addition to the customs, as an item containing electricity, there are also clear requirements for international express, packaging. Next, let's take a look at the logistics requirements of the infrared forehead thermometer.

The export of Infrared thermometer to the United States is required:

1. International express delivery requirements

Infrared thermometer gun, body temperature gun as electrical goods, and electrical goods in international transport are sensitive goods, compared with the general cargo transport risk is greater. Therefore, such goods need to go through specific international express channels.

2. Packaging requirements

The Infrared thermometer is a built-in battery item that needs to be properly packaged before it can be sent abroad. There are two main packaging requirements, the first point is to do a good job of goods insulation, to prevent the goods short circuit fire. The second point is to control the number of items per box, reduce the risk of frontal infrared temperature gun, temperature gun transport.

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