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What is the main component and material application of the liquid crystal module (LCM)?


Liquid crystal modules (LCM) constitute the main components and materials applications

1. Polarizing plate: The most important thing is as a grating, which only allows light in a single direction to pass, and also protects the CF layer and the TFT layer.

2. CF layer and TFT layer: one up to form an electric field, let the liquid crystals align under this electric field.

3. Alignment (PI) film: the alignment film has directional properties to allow the liquid crystal to be regularly arranged on the alignment film.

4. Transparent metal conductive layer (ITO): energizes the upper and lower glass to control the liquid crystal direction

5. Frame glue: Just like the wall of a house, it is used to prevent the liquid crystal from coming into contact with the outside world.

6. SPACER: Just like the pillar of a house, it is used to support the upper and lower substrates.

7. Liquid crystal: The arrangement of liquid crystals is controlled under different electric fields to obtain the light quantity with different transmittance, thereby achieving the display principle.

8. Backlight module: provide a backlight to display the signal changes of the LCD

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