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What is the insulated Mylar in LED TV backlight?


Mylar tablets are amorphous, odorless, non-toxic and highly transparent. Excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength; small creep, dimensional stability; good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, over a wide temperature range It has stable mechanical properties, dimensional stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy, and can be used at -60~120 °C for a long time;

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Through the adjustment of formula and production process, Mylar can be made into insulated, cushioning, wear-resistant, sealed and decorative. You can choose the most suitable Mylar according to your own requirements. sheet. Due to the excellent performance of the Mylar sheet, especially the electrical insulation properties, it is widely used in gaskets and screens required for TVs, monitors, meters, computers, household appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc. . Moreover, the Mylar sheet can completely replace the general electrical tape, and even more safe than the general electrical tape. Mylar sheet has dimensional stability, straightness and excellent tear strength, heat and cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, super strong insulation properties, excellent electrical, mechanical, heat and chemical resistance.

  It can be used as insulation material for motors, capacitors, coils and cables, and can also be made into composite insulation materials with barley paper.

Mylar sheet English name mylar, also known as mylar sheet, is a film made by dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol heated with the aid of related catalysts, transesterified and vacuum polycondensed, biaxially stretched. Mylar tablets are available in a variety of colors including white, black, transparent, and natural. Mylar has excellent tear strength, temperature resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and superior electrical insulation properties.

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