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What is the difference between TV SKD and CKD?


In LED TV Manufacturing Industry, if buyers buy the Whole Products from another country (the whole Product means in the state of ready to use conditions), the duty at customs are very high.

But when you buy the products as SKD or CKD kits, the customs duty on particular product will be lesser. Most companies where the assembly cost is low and import cost is high prefer to buy product in SKD or CKD conditions.

TV SKD - Semi Knocked down

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TV CKD - Completely Knocked down

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We Indasina provides LED TV whole CKD/SKD solutions of Commercial TV, LED TV, BLU solutions, TV CKD materials, including plastic/plastic+metal TV Cabinet(front bezel, middle bezel, support shore, back cover, IR lens, bracket base, base rubber, backplane, side terminal plate, bottom terminal plate), Optics(LED bar/reflector/diffuser plate/diffuser film/prism sheet), Mainboard/motherboard, Electronics accessories(key board, IR board, wire for LED bar, speaker and speaker wire, remote, power wire, keyboard wire, LVDS wire), Ingredients(EVA gasket/glass limit/cushion rubbers/acetate tape/double sided foam for OC) and all screws(BB3*8/PWB3*8/BM3*6/BM3*4...).

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Indasina, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions.

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