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What is the best backlight for TV?


What is the best backlight for TV? The introduction of the TV LCD backlight system is actually very simple. The TV itself does not emit light or display images. If you want to display an image, you must illuminate the screen. This is the role of the backlight. So which kind of TV backlight can be used to get a clearer picture. Today, let's find out which TV backlight is better.

Liquid crystal LCD displays images through the backlight, as you can imagine. Just like when we watch a film movie, every LCD pixel is like a small window with a door that can be opened or closed. When the door is opened, we can see the light, which is the light behind. But the actual principle is much more complicated. In fact, the backlight level is deflected so that we can see pixels of different colors.

There are two types of backlights, one is CCFLS (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) and the other is LED.

Traditional liquid crystal display devices use CCFLS (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the light source. Although the name is very professional, we understand it as a fluorescent lamp for home use, but the tube is very thin. Many objects have weird colors under fluorescent lamps, because the light they emit is not in the true sense of daylight. The sunlight that we have already adapted to is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in a certain proportion. However, the light of fluorescent lamps is over-emphasized in some colors, and some colors are badly lacking.


Therefore, an advanced liquid crystal solution was produced, which replaced the traditional liquid crystal backlight module with LED.

Which kind of TV backlight is good? Advantages of technology

High brightness, and can achieve stable brightness and color performance within the life span.

Wider color gamut (more than NTSC and EBU color gamut) to achieve more brilliant colors.

The backlight white balance can be adjusted while ensuring the overall contrast. When the user's video source is switched between the computer and the DVD player, the white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600K and 6500K without sacrificing brightness and contrast.

Real-time color management. Since the red, green, and blue colors are illuminated independently, it is easy to accurately control the current display color characteristics, and can provide a continuous area array light source for a large-size screen.

Reduce artificial traces in dynamic scenes without sacrificing brightness and lifespan. Because the flickering frequency of the traditional CCFL lamp is low, the dynamic scene may cause the screen to jump. The LED backlight can flexibly adjust the luminous frequency, and the frequency is much higher than that of the CCFL, so it can perfectly present the motion picture.

The brightness adjustment range is large. It is easy to achieve LED power control, unlike the minimum brightness of CCFL there is a threshold. Therefore, it is easy for users to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most eye-catching state, whether in a bright outdoor or a completely dark indoor.


LCD TV backlight technology uses a wide temperature range, low voltage, and impact resistance. Because of the use of solid-state light-emitting devices, the LED backlight has no delicate components and is very adaptable to the environment. Low electromagnetic radiation. The LED light source does not produce any rays or toxic substances such as mercury. It can be described as a green and environmentally friendly light source.

The above is the introduction of which kind of TV backlight is good. The LCD backlight not only illuminates the TV screen, but also brings us a clearer and more realistic picture, but also makes the screen no longer be like the previous old LCD TV screen. You can easily adjust the picture to the most eye-catching and most suitable state. So at present, LCD backlight is the best one.

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