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What is Projector? How many types of Projector?


The projector, is a device that can project an image or video onto a screen and play corresponding video signals through different interfaces with computers, VCD, DVD, BD, game consoles, DV, etc.
Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools and entertainment venues, depending on the way of work, there are CRT, LCD, DLP and other different types.

I. Classification according to application
1, home theater type: its characteristics are the brightness of around 2000 lumens (with the development of the projection of this number in constant increase, high contrast), the projection of the picture width to height ratio of 16:9, all kinds of video ports are complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TELEVISION, suitable for home users.
2. Portable business projectors: A projector weighing less than 2kg is generally defined as a business portable projector, which weighs as much as a light and thin laptop. Business portable projector has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong mobility, is the traditional slide projector and large and medium-sized projector substitutes, light and thin notebook computer and business portable projector collocation, mobile business users in mobile business demonstration of the first 

3, education conference type projector: general positioning school and the enterprise application, use the resolution of the mainstream, brightness is controlled in 2000-3000 lumens, medium weight, heat dissipation and dust is better, suitable for installation and travel short distances, functional interface is rich, easy to maintain, price performance ratio is relatively high, suitable for bulk purchase its widespread use.
4, mainstream engineering projectors: compared to the mainstream of ordinary projectors, engineering projectors projection area is larger, farther distance, high brightness, and generally also support multi-bulb mode, can better deal with large and variable installation environment, for education, media and government and other fields are very applicable.

5, professional theater projector: this type of projector pay more attention to stability, emphasizing low failure rate, its heat dissipation performance, network function, the use of the convenience of the projector do very strong. Of course, in order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the shadow instrument is its high brightness, its brightness can generally reach more than 5000 lumens, higher than 10000 lumens. Due to its large size and weight, it is usually used for special purposes, such as theatres, museums, city halls, public areas, but also for monitoring traffic, public security command centres, fire services and air traffic control centres.
6, measuring projector: this type of projector is different from the above several kinds of projector, profile projector, early with the popularity of grating ruler, the projector is installed on high precision grating ruler, is also called measuring projector (or projector, such as a famous domestic measuring projector have Gao Cheng company produces the CPJ - 3015), for with the difference between a traditional projector, this type of projector is called measuring projector. Its function is to form an enlarged projector through light transmission of the product parts, and then determine the size of the product with standard film or grating ruler. Due to the development of industrialization, this kind of measuring projector has become one of the most commonly used measuring instruments in manufacturing industry. Regular projection can be divided into vertical projector and horizontal projector. According to the standard of comparison, it is divided into contour projector and digital projector.

Ii. Classification according to usage
1. Desktop projector
2. Portable projector
3. Floor projector
4. Reflective projector
5. Transmission projector
6. Single-function projector
7. Multi-function projector
8. Intelligent projector
9. Touch interactive projector

Iii. Classification by interface category
1. VGA interface projector
2. HDMI projector
3. Projector with network port

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