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What is Nuvoton Standard 8051 Series?


Nuvoton Technology standard 8051 product series, its pins are compatible with traditional 12T 8051 microcontrollers, and provide industrial temperature specifications, 22.1184 MHz built-in RC crystal oscillator (1% accuracy), built-in Data Flash, high anti-interference capability (8KV ESD/ 4KV EFT), support online system programming (ISP), provide LQFP48, PLCC44, PQFP44, TQFP44 and DIP40 package options.

Application areas:

Access control system/alarm, bar code reading equipment, KVM, digital telephone, power management, communication equipment, industrial computer and LCD TV, etc.

Key features:

• Core

-4T/6T/12T 8051 microprocessor

-Working frequency up to 40MHz

-Working voltage: 2.4V to 5.5V

-Working temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃

• Memory

-Application up to 128KB

-Embedded SRAM up to 2KB

-Configurable Data Flash

-Support online system programming ISP (In-System Programming)

• Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

-Up to 8 channels

-10-bit resolution

-Up to 96 kSPS (sample rate per second)

• Communication interface (Connectivity)

-A set of SPI (up to 1.25 MHz)

-Two sets of I²C (up to 400 kHz)

-Two sets of UART

• Clock control

-External crystal oscillator 4 to 40 MHz

-Normal temperature, ±1% 22.1184 MHz internal RC crystal oscillator at 5V

-Internal RC crystal oscillator can be configured to 22.1184 or 11.0592 MHz


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