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What is LED TV backlight?


What is LED TV backlight?

LED TV Backlight CKD parts include led bar, diffuser plate, diffuser sheet, reflector plate.

LCDS display images by backlighting, so to speak. Just like when we watch a movie on film, each LCD pixel, just like a small window, has a door that can be opened or closed, and when the door opens, we can see the light, the light in the back. But the actual principle is much more complicated. It's actually deflecting the backlight level so that we can see the pixels in different colors. Now there are two kinds of backlight, a CCFLS is (cold cathode fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamps) is another LED the traditional liquid crystal display device is CCFLS (cold cathode fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as a light source, although the name is very professional, but we understand it for home use fluorescent lamp, but the lamp is very fine. Many objects have strange colors under fluorescent lamps because the light they emit is not really sunlight. The daylight that we have adapted to is made up of red orange yellow green cyan blue violet and so on colored light according to certain proportion combination. But the light of fluorescent lamp is overemphasized on certain colour, certain colour is short badly.

Then the problem arose, the light source behind the light box color is not accurate, through the liquid crystal plate after the production of the image can not overcome the inherent deficiencies, resulting in color reduction bias. This is one of the reasons why LCDS have always struggled to satisfy professional users in terms of image display. The result is an advanced liquid crystal solution that USES leds instead of the traditional liquid crystal backlight module.

Advantages of LED backlight technology:

high brightness, and can achieve stable brightness and color performance within the lifetime range.

Wider color gamut (more than the NTSC and EBU gamut) for more vibrant colors.

Can adjust the backlight white balance while ensuring the overall contrast. When a user's video source switches between a computer and a DVD player, the white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600K and 6500K without sacrificing brightness or contrast.

Real-time color management. Since red, green and blue glow independently, it is easy to precisely control the current display color characteristics.

Continuous array light source for large screen. Reduces artifacts in dynamic scenes without sacrificing brightness or longevity. Because the flicker frequency of traditional CCFL lamp tube is low, the dynamic scene may produce the picture jump.

Brightness adjustment range is large. It is easy to implement LED power control, unlike the minimum brightness of CCFL there is a threshold. Therefore, it is easy for users to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most pleasing state whether in the bright outdoor or all-black indoor.

Wide range of operating temperature, low voltage, impact resistance. Because of the use of solid state luminescent devices, LED backlight without delicate components, the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong.

Low electromagnetic radiation. LED light source does not have any ray generation, also does not have the poisonous substance such as mercury, it is green environmental protection light source.

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