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What is backlight


The backlight is a light source device used to ensure the light is emitted behind the LCD screen.

Because the liquid crystal display device itself is transparent and does not emit light, it needs a backlight to assist. Some indicators, such as the brightness and uniformity of the backlight, have a direct impact on the relevant performance of the liquid crystal display. Compared with CCFL, the color performance of LED backlight is more advantageous. The LED is driven by a low voltage of 5 V to 24 V, which is very safe, and the design of the drive circuit is relatively simple, and it is also very power-saving. LEDs do not use mercury, which is harmful to the environment, and there is no problem of mercury leakage. LED technology also faces some challenges, such as low luminous efficiency, high cost, and high price. As LCD backlights shift to multiple LED technologies, design engineers have to deal with new challenges such as power management, thermal management, and color management.

The backlight plate is the light source emitted by the cold cathode lamp, which is composed of the lamp reflector, light guide, reflector, diffuser, prism sheet, plastic frame for storage, lamp tube, aluminum back plate, etc.

Backlight module (Back Light Unit) is the provider of liquid crystal display (LCD) light source. LCD itself does not emit light. The performance of the backlight module light source determines the visual perception of the display. Liquid crystal display is light and portable due to its thin thickness. Convenience, rapid increase in demand, has been able to occupy a place in the CRT market.

With the improvement of liquid crystal display manufacturing technology, the trend of large size and low price, backlight modules are considering the market requirements of lightweight, thinner, low power consumption, high brightness and cost reduction, in order to maintain competitiveness in the future market. The development and design of a new type of backlight module and new manufacturing technology for light guide plate molding is the direction and important subject of future efforts.

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