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What is 1.2V Serial NOR Flash?


W25QxxND 1.2V series products have the same operating efficiency as the existing 3V and 1.8V flash memory products, and can further save power consumption. For battery-powered devices with limited design space, such as mobile devices, Internet of Things, and wearable devices, and for flash memory that requires power saving and low power consumption, W25QxxND 1.2V series products provide 2mm x 3mm USON8, narrow 150mil SOP8, 6x5mm WSON 8-pin package and KGD (Known Good Die). 1.2V series products can be extended to 1.5V, and can be operated with a single dry battery, unlike the general design that two batteries are connected in series to 3V to operate.

1.2V Serial NOR Flash is the first flash memory that supports ultra-low voltage operation, 1.2V is the next generation standard voltage

Winbond has launched a NOR Flash that supports the latest industry standard low voltage 1.2V and can support dual, quad SPI, and Quad Peripheral Interface (QPI) like never before.


It can extend battery life / reduce operating power consumption by 33%.

W25QxxND can reduce operating and standby power consumption, allowing the device to extend battery life, giving the device the opportunity to reduce the number of batteries and its own weight. W25Q80ND is an 8Mb NOR Flash that supports 1.2V. Compared with 1.8V NOR Flash, the operating power consumption is reduced by 33%.


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