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What does LED backlight mean


The LCD is a non-luminous display device, which requires the use of LED backlight source to achieve the display function.

  The performance of the LED backlight source will directly affect the display quality of the LCD. The cost of the backlight source accounts for 3-5% of the LCD module, and the power consumed accounts for 75% of the module. It can be said to be a very important part of the LCD module. Components. High-definition, large-size LCDs must be matched with high-performance backlight technology. Therefore, as the LCD industry strives to open up new application areas, the high-performance backlight technology (such as high brightness, low cost, low power consumption) It also plays the role of behind-the-scenes heroes.

  The backlight source is mainly composed of a light source, a light guide plate, an optical film, and a plastic frame. The backlight has the characteristics of high brightness, long life and uniform light emission. At present, there are mainly three types of backlight sources: EL, CCFL, and LED. According to the different light source distribution positions, they are divided into side-light type and direct type. As LCD modules continue to develop in the direction of being brighter, lighter, and thinner, edge-lit CCFL backlights have become the mainstream of current backlight development.

The electroluminescence (EL) backlight body is thin and light, and provides uniform light. Its power consumption is very low, the required working voltage is 80~100Vac, the inverter that provides the working voltage can transform the input of 5/12/24Vdc into AC output. However, the EL backlight has a limited service life (the average service life is 3000-5000 hours under the condition of 50% brightness, and the service life will be greatly shortened at a higher brightness level). Therefore, the ideal inverter for EL back lighting The device allows the output voltage and frequency to increase with the aging of the EL bulb, thereby prolonging the effective life of the display using the EL back-illuminated light source.

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