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what does a tv backlight do?


what does a tv backlight do? Because the LCD screen itself does not emit light, if you want to display an image on the LCD screen, you must illuminate the screen, which is the function of the backlight. LCD is a cold light source tube that emits light, and LED is a light-emitting diode to emit light. However, they are all used to illuminate the LCD screen.

The backlight can be any color. Monochrome liquid crystals usually have backlights such as yellow, green, blue, and white. The color display uses white light because it covers the most shades.


When the backlight of the LCD TV is dimmed, the overall picture will also be dimmed. The backlight of the TV generally needs to be adjusted according to the actual display effect to make the picture look comfortable and soft; Life span will also have an impact.

In the electronics industry, the backlight is a form of lighting that is often used for LCD displays. The difference between the backlight type and the front light type is that the backlight is illuminated from the side or the back, while the front light is illuminated from the front as the name implies. They are used to increase the illuminance in a low-light environment and the brightness of computer monitors and liquid crystal screens to generate light in a similar way to CRT displays.


Backlight display refers to whether the display screen on the fuselage can emit backlight when the user uses the electronic device, so that the content can be displayed more clearly. Most electronic devices have a backlight display as long as they have a display screen, and as long as there is a subtitle display, the backlight is considered normal. Backlight display technology has now begun to be applied in the LED lighting field to provide a uniform light source, which is a new application of backlight technology in the lighting field.

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