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Use method of forehead thermometer and points for attention


How to use the forehead thermometer?


Forehead thermometer

Proper steps:

1. Boot: Press the measurement button to turn on the device. At this time, the beep sounds.

2. Select mode: Press the "SET" button to select the temperature Degree display unit

3. Ready to measure: Point the infrared forehead thermometer to the forehead, the distance is 3-5cm.

4. Start measuring: Press the measurement button to hear a "beep" sound and the measurement is complete

5. Read: Read the measured temperature according to the screen

6. Shutdown: After one minute without any operation, automatic shut-down.

Note: When the measured temperature does not feel the same as your body temperature, it is recommended to take another measurement under the ear.

Precautions for use of infrared forehead thermometer

Recently, COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation is severe, temperature detection is the first threshold of epidemic prevention and control. As a non-contact temperature measuring instrument, infrared forehead thermometer is widely used in the initial screening of body temperature in the prevention and control of the epidemic due to its features of no direct contact with human body, high temperature measuring efficiency and convenient use. In the correct use of infrared forehead temperature timing, the expert tips in addition to strictly follow the instructions, but also pay attention to the following points:

1. The measurement should be made in "body temperature mode" and the selected unit is Celsius (°C).

2. When the temperature is measured outdoors in winter, thermal insulation measures shall be taken immediately for the forehead thermometer during the measurement interval.

3. the measurement of ambient temperature should be as stable as possible, away from the tuyere and other places

4. The forehead thermometer probe must be clean and the subject's forehead is dry without shielding.

5. Should measure the forehead part of the person to be measured, the probe is aimed at the forehead (right center, between the eyebrows above), from the forehead surface 1 -- 5 centimeters (specific to the specification). When measuring, hold for 1-2 seconds. After hearing the prompt sound (or vibration), complete the test and read the display value.

6. When measuring the inside of the car, should let the driver roll down the window in advance, reduce the inside temperature. Measure 1 -- 5 cm from the forehead surface (please refer to the specification for details)

7. For a long time in the low-temperature environment, the temperature of the forehead surface will be temporarily reduced, should let the temperature of the person to be tested wait for a little recovery after the measurement

8. Infrared forehead thermometer is only suitable for rapid screening of body temperature, if the measured value shows abnormal body temperature should be re-measured, when the person suspected to have fever, should use a glass thermometer for further measurement

9. If there is doubt about the measurement accuracy of the infrared forehead thermometer, it is suggested to use the glass thermometer and the infrared forehead thermometer to measure the same person at the same time. If the difference of the measured value is more than ± 0.5 ° C, it can be sent to tianjin institute of metrology supervision and testing for calibration, or directly sent to tianjin institute of metrology supervision and testing for calibration.

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