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TV Panel Quotation Rebounded In December, Supply And Demand Gradually Stabilized In 2020


In December, panel quotation was gradually withdrawn from Korean factories, and some panel factories adjusted their production rate and reduced production. In the traditional off-season of panel industry, the quotation stopped rising, including 32 inch, 43 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch TV panel sizes, showing a 0.6-3.3% increase. Analysts believe that the rise in off-season quotation shows that the inventory has become a healthy level, and terminal brand owners are also starting to pull goods ahead of time. It is expected that the stock flow of Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 will start to warm up, and 2019 can be regarded as the bottom of panel quotation in recent years.

The fourth quarter is the traditional off-season of panel, but after the third season is not prosperous, Samsung and LGD in South Korea will gradually withdraw from LCD market, panel manufacturers are not willing to low-cost production, reduce the rate of grain production, make the inventory return to a healthy level, and the worst situation of supply and demand falls in the third quarter of this year.

In 2020, with the increase of Tokyo Olympic Games, there will be a tide of TV panel stock for large-scale TV, and the panel price is expected to stabilize in the first quarter. In addition, Samsung and LGD have successively converted LCD production lines to OLED large-scale panels, offsetting the new capacity in mainland China. After more than one year's rapid expansion of production capacity, the growth rate of panel factories in mainland China will slow down from next year, and the trend of TV's average size increasing by more than one inch year by year remains unchanged, and the capacity area will be continuously digested. For the supply and demand will be more stable after 2020, analysts believe that under the improvement of panel factories' bargaining power, the loss is expected to start to converge, and there is an opportunity to see the sun through the clouds in 2020.

Since the first month of AUO and Innolux, in the rebounding sound of panel price, the trend has been following up. Youda takes the lead in standing above the face value, and the two major panel manufacturers have increased by more than 20% in the past month.

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