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Three Key Words In 2019 LED TV field: 8K, OLED, Smart TV Screen


Just in the past 2019, it's a special year for home appliance industry, and the trend of buying high-end TV products is getting higher and higher. Although the overall market shows a downward trend, it still can not resist the recognition and demand of consumers for high-end products. The explosion of 8K, 5g, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies has accelerated the development of home appliance industry. "Smart screen" and other new concepts emerge in endlessly, constantly refreshing consumers' cognition of products. With the capacity release of OLED panel industry, OLED TV will usher in a big explosion.

Key words 1: 8K large screen

8K TV starts its first year of development

2019 is the key year for the development of color TV display technology, in which 8K TV is rising at an amazing speed. According to IHS Markit, in 2019, the global shipment of 8K TV exceeded 300000 sets, an increase of more than 400% compared with that in 2018. If the 8K TV industry in 2018 is in the stage of "hope in the future", then 2019 is undoubtedly the first year of 8K TV industry development.

From the perspective of upstream panel manufacturers, Samsung display, BOE, and csot are actively laying out 8K panels. According to IHS Markit, in 2019, Samsung's 8K LCD panel shipped more than 300000 pieces in the global market, 19.5% higher than the initial expectation, accounting for 83.6% of the global total. The agency expects the capacity of 8K panel to continue to increase in 2020.

At the same time, 8K TV has become a new battlefield for major color TV manufacturers. At CES in 2019, major color TV manufacturers released or displayed 8K TV products. At the same time, the relevant national policies strongly support the new development of color TV industry. In February 2019, the action plan for the development of ultra high definition video industry (2019-2022) jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio and television, and the Central Radio and Television Corporation proposed that the overall technical route of "4K first, taking into account 8K" would be implemented to vigorously promote the development of ultra high definition video industry and the application of related fields.

In terms of price, including TV, commercial display and other products, the price of large-size LCD panel continues to decline, which provides more space for the price reduction of terminal products. At present, the average price of 65 inch LCD TV has lost the position of 5000 yuan, which is undoubtedly a market change that consumers like. The price of large-scale products is closely related to the popularity of course. It can be predicted that it is not a dream for 70 inch TV products to enter thousands of households in 2020.

Key words 2: smart screen

Smart screen is like catfish stirring color TV industry

In addition to 8K TV outlets, the emergence of smart screens has injected new vitality into the color TV market and gradually become one of the hot spots in the color TV industry.

The first company to eat crabs is Huawei. In August 2019, Huawei glory released its first terminal product, glory smart screen, which is equipped with Hongmeng operating system. The smart screen is defined as a new upgrade of large screen equipment in the era of full scene intelligence. The glory smart screen integrates the smart interaction center, cross screen experience center, IOT (Internet of things) control center and video entertainment center, and becomes the home smart assistant, large screen mobile phone, hilink (Huawei developed smart home open Internet flat) ecological housekeeper and super home theater.

Subsequently, the three giants of domestic color TV industry successively launched new smart screen products. TCL took the lead in releasing the ESS smart screen TV, Hisense released the new smart large screen interactive system hi table and the new social TV S7, and Skyworth launched the new flagship H90 smart screen before the "double 11".

With 5g commercial application accelerating, it has become a consensus that intelligent TV is an important entrance to the Internet of things. Some insiders believe that smart phones and smart TVs have achieved rapid development and have become the two most intelligent products in home entertainment. Large and small screens have many commonalities in display, entertainment and technology. With the advent of AI and IOT technology, the integration of mobile phone and TV is imperative.

According to the third quarter summary report of China's color TV market in 2019 released by Ovi cloud, the smart screen has sent many positive signals to the color TV industry. The first is to upgrade and simplify the product line. The smart screen gets rid of the complicated and homogeneous situation of color TV models and has strong product uniqueness and differentiation. The second is to give color TV high value attributes, so that major color TV manufacturers can get rid of low-cost and inefficient market competition. The third is to bring new brands and potential consumers. The fourth is to promote the popularization of Ai TV technology.

Key words 3: OLED

OLED TV goes against the trend

In the whole color TV market, there is a certain TV category that is still advancing against the trend. This is OLED TV. For OLED TV in 2019, the key word is "increase".

Compared with traditional LCD TV, OLED panel's innovative organic materials bring the key feature of self illumination. On this basis, OLED TV has a better performance in picture contrast, gamut range, peak brightness and so on, so it has obvious differentiation advantages.

In 2019, the sales growth of OLED TV in China exceeded 80%; in 2019, the number of brands in China's OLED TV market continued to grow, with the strong participation of big brands such as Hisense and Panasonic demonstrating the attractive charm of OLED. Recently, it has been reported that Huawei and Xiaomi will also join OLED TV camp in 2020, when OLED TV market products will be greatly enriched.

According to Zhongguancun Online TV product attention statistics, in 2019, OLED TV, with 26.8% of the attention, became the most popular TV category of the year, which proved that OLED TV has become the most popular TV category in China's TV market.

In terms of the production capacity of the upstream OLED panel, LG dispaly, the world's only supplier of TV OLED panel, has always been committed to increasing investment and making more consumers enjoy the excellent visual experience brought by OLED technology. In 2019, the 8.5 generation OLED panel production line in Guangzhou invested by LG display was officially completed. Currently, 60000 pieces of glass substrates are put into production in a month, and the processing capacity of glass substrates will reach 90000 pieces / month after full production. At that time, the shortage of OLED TV panels will be fundamentally alleviated. At the same time, with the gradual production of OLED panel production line in China, OLED will usher in the first large-scale production capacity release in 2020.

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