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The output value reached 24.407 billion U.S. dollars, and the latest revenue ranking of wafer foundries in the second quarter was released


The survey shows that the panic stocking wave caused by post-epidemic demand, communication generation conversion, geopolitical risks and long-term shortages continued to burn in the second quarter, and various terminal products that could not meet the shipment target due to foundry capacity constraints were stocked. With unrelenting strength and driven by the successive output of wafers with price increases in the first quarter, the output value of foundry in the second quarter reached 24.407 billion US dollars, a quarterly increase of 6.2%. Since the third quarter of 2019, it has been eight consecutive quarters. Set a record high.


TSMC and Samsung were affected by power outages, and the quarterly revenue growth rate was slightly limited

TSMC’s revenue in the second quarter reached US$13.30 billion, a quarterly increase of 3.1%, ranking first in the world. Its revenue growth was limited by the power trip incident in Nanke’s Fab14 P7 plant in April, which resulted in a small number of 40nm and 16nm wafers being scrapped; and the power trip of Taipower’s Kaohsiung Xingda Power Plant in May, and the fab in Nanke suffered The most direct impact is that despite the timely operation of the generators in the factory so that the online wafers will not be scrapped, there are still some 8-inch wafers that need to be reworked. In addition, because TSMC maintains a consistent and stable quotation strategy, although the revenue performance in the second quarter is higher than the company's financial guidance ceiling, the quarterly growth rate is slightly lower than that of the remaining fabs, and the market share has been slightly eroded.

Samsung’s second-quarter revenue was US$4.33 billion, an increase of 5.5% quarter-on-quarter. After getting rid of the heavy snow in Texas in February, Samsung’s Line S2 in Austin has fully resumed production in early April, and is fully increasing production orders to make up for the nearly One and a half months of filming loss.

Although the sharp drop in the production volume in the first quarter slightly affected the output in the second quarter, resulting in a slight restriction on the quarterly growth rate, but benefited from the strong pull of products such as CIS, 5G RF transceivers, and OLED driver ICs. Revenue performance is still outstanding.

UMC, ranked third in UMC, is still benefiting from demand-driven demand for PMIC, TDDI, Wi-Fi, and OLED driver ICs. The capacity utilization rate has exceeded 100%, which is seriously in short supply. Therefore, it continues to increase prices for customers; plus Higher-priced 28/22nm new capacity has been opened one after another, driving the average selling price of the second quarter to rise by about 5%, pushing up revenue to 1.82 billion US dollars, a quarterly increase of 8.5%, and the market share was roughly the same at 7.2%.

GlobalFoundries's revenue in the second quarter increased by 17.0%, reaching 1.52 billion US dollars, ranking fourth. After selling the US plant Fab10 and Singapore plant Fab3E to ON Semi and World Advanced in 2019, it has gradually converged its product line, focusing on 14/12nm FinFET, 22/12nm FD-SOI, and 55/40nm HV. , BCD process technology development, and at the same time announced the expansion of existing product line production capacity, plans to build new plants in the United States and Singapore are expected to contribute revenue from the second half of 2022 to 2023; and although Fab10 has been sold to ON Semiconductor It will continue to manufacture products for ON Semi from 2020 to 2021, and will be handed over to ON Semi for independent operation until the completion of the delivery in 2022.

SMIC's second quarter revenue increased by 21.8% quarter-on-quarter to 1.34 billion US dollars, and its market share also increased to 5.3%. The main driving force came from various process requirements including 0.15/0.18um PMIC, 55/40nm MCU, RF, HV, CIS, etc. It is strong and also continues to increase wafer prices. In addition, the 14nm new customer introduction progress is better than expected, and the 15Kwspm production capacity is currently at full capacity.

Hua Hong Group's consolidated revenue ranking jumped to sixth, the world's advanced surpassed Tower Semiconductor

Since both HHGrace and HLMC belong to HuaHong Group, they operate Fab1/2/3/7 and Fab5/6 respectively, and some of their manufacturing resources circulate each other, so this time The combined calculation of the two is Hua Hong Group; the capacity expansion of Fab7 in Hua Hong Wuxi is faster than expected, and customers from NOR Flash, CIS, RF and IGBT are strong in pulling goods. The current 48Kwspm production capacity has reached full capacity operation, plus 8 inches The production capacity of the factory maintained a utilization rate of more than 100%, and the average unit price of wafers increased by 3-5% quarter by quarter. In the second quarter, Huahong Group's revenue increased by 9.7% quarterly, ranking sixth with US$660 million.

After PSMC surpassed Tower for the first time in the revenue ranking in the first quarter, it still maintained strong growth momentum in the second quarter. The P1/2/3 plants including Specialty DRAM, DDI, CIS and PMIC products continued to invest; 8A/B plants IGBT, etc. Demand for vehicles has increased significantly. Driven by the quarterly increase in overall prices, revenue reached US$460 million, a quarterly increase of 18.3%, ranking seventh.

Driven by various favorable factors such as the maintenance of demand for DDI, PMIC, power discrete, etc., the new production capacity of Fab3E in Singapore, the adjustment of product mix, and the continued increase in average unit price, the second quarter revenue increased by 11.1% for the first time. Degree surpassed Tower Semiconductor, reaching 363 million U.S. dollars.

The ninth-ranked Tower Semiconductor (Tower) has stable demand in the fields of RF-SOI and industrial and automotive PMICs. However, due to the fact that new capacity is not yet in place, revenue only increased by 4.3% quarterly, and revenue reached 3.6 in the second quarter. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

DBHiTek has maintained a full load level for more than one and a half years. The demand for 8-inch PMIC, MEMS, and CIS has steadily contributed. Most of the increase in revenue comes from the increase in average sales price. The revenue in the second quarter was US$245 million, an increase of 12.0%.

Looking forward to the third quarter, the shortage of foundry capacity has been delayed for nearly two years since the second half of 2019. Although some new capacity has been released one after another, due to the limited growth rate, from the order observation, the new capacity has also been booked. , The capacity utilization rate of each foundry is generally maintained at the full load level and continues to be in short supply. In addition, since the second quarter of this year, under the promotion of various governments, the production volume of automotive chips has been increased significantly, and the capacity to crowd out capacity has been expanded. The average selling price of foundries continued to rise, and various factories adjusted their product mix to improve profitability.

Therefore, it is believed that the output value of the top ten wafer foundries in the third quarter will set a new record, and the quarterly growth rate will be better than that in the second quarter.

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