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The outbreak of the 2019nCoV event, further triggered the importance of security monitoring


The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus made the Spring Festival difficult for us, especially the severity of the disease, and strict control is needed. Security enterprises in the economic downward pressure, international trade friction resistance, wisdom security in the actual landing process of difficulties, but who would have thought that in 2020, in the new coronavirus epidemic across the country to test, wisdom security encountered the first strong demand scenario.

Traditional security monitoring main perception and the human senses can "hear, see, touch" data, such as the outbreak events occur, will lead to more security requirements of the impact of the human body, promote urban safety perception system increase consider perception of data beyond the human sensory function requirements, such as health and epidemic prevention of infrared imaging, ultrasonic imaging, air composition, water quality data, such as the perception of demand.

The future intelligent city-wide system is not only the prevention and control of security problems in the macro environment, but also a multi-dimensional and all-round security prevention and control system "human-centered and covering macro environment and micro structure", which will drive a wave of technological innovation of artificial intelligence and sensors.

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