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The NuvoTon NUC980 series is an entrance ticket to the industrial Internet of things


NuvoTon NUC980 series IoT for industry and industrial automation to achieve rapid development of information, in addition to the rich peripherals interface, built-in Ethernet front-end ports in both groups, including collocation LoRa, NB - IoT, 3 g / 4 g LTE module, implementation can be applied to various scenarios of gateway product demand, help customer to each endpoint sensor data acquisition, and then uploaded to the cloud server is analyzed. The NuvoTon NUC980 microprocessor is not only suitable for industrial gateway products, but also can be designed into DTU, RTU, serial port to Ethernet and other products, the application range includes intelligent agriculture, rail transit, intelligent manufacturing, smart city and other industries, the entrance ticket of industrial Internet of things, NuvoTon is ready to help you.

System architecture: schematic diagram of NUC980 series gateway, DTU, data acquisition equipment, RTU and other applications. Peripheral interfaces such as UART, SPI and I2C are used to collect sensor data. Other subsystems in the industrial environment are connected through Ethernet.

NuvoTon Arm9 microprocessor, NUC980 series adopts LQFP package, different package size provides different amount of IO, built-in maximum memory of 128 MB, product portfolio is shown in figure 1. Peripheral interfaces include 10 groups of UART, 2 groups of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controllers, 2 groups of USB 2.0 host mode, 4 groups of CAN 2.0b bus, 4 groups of I2C, 2 groups of SPI, 1 group of SPI, 3 groups of EBI, 8-channel PWM and 8-channel ADC. The rich peripheral interface can be used for docking various sensing devices and data acquisition devices.

The Linux software development package of NUC980 has the capability to support MQTT, OpenSSL, HTTPS and other network protocols. According to different application scenarios of customers, the network can be connected with different wireless modules. As the development platform of the industrial Internet of things, the new tang numaker-nuc980-iiot can install the third-party wireless module on the development board of NUC980 IIoT via the mini PCIe interface through the PCB turning board designed by the new tang. NUC980 chip with PCB adapter can communicate with nb-iot and LTE modules through USB interface, while with another PCB adapter, it can communicate with LoRa wireless module through SPI, so that customers can have more flexibility in wireless module selection. Xt has supported several nb-iot, LoRa and LTE modules to meet the requirements of different customer scenarios.

NuvoTon NuMaker NUC980 - IIoT development platform can match for establishing industrial system of wired/wireless way gateway, using The built-in hardware AES and SHA, ECC, RSA encryption engine, can will all The data in The process of transmission is encrypted, preventing The important production or sensing data being stolen, collected through The gateway to The first line of a variety of data sent to ali Cloud (Alibaba Cloud), Amazon (Amazon), or The Things Network, such as The Cloud server is analyzed, Then send the results to the manager's mobile phone, grasp all the information at the first time, make the industrial manufacturing more intelligent, after the big data analysis of the data, but also let the enterprise executives grasp the opportunity to win the market.

In addition to the numaker-nuc980-iiot Internet of things development platform, NuvoTon also provides a series of IoT development platforms, including M487, M2351, M263A series, etc. As the agent of NuvoTon, Indasina has many goods solutions, we welcome your cooperation.

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