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The function of set-top box


Digital video converter Box (Set Top Box) STB, often referred to as a set-top Box or in-flight Box, we also call it as digital television receiver, is a device that connects a TV Set to an external signal source. It converts compressed digital signals into TV content and displays them on the TV. The signals can come from cable, satellite dishes, broadband networks and terrestrial broadcasting. In addition to the images and sounds that analog TV can provide, set-top boxes receive digital content, including electronic program guides, Internet pages, and so on. It enables users to watch digital television programmes on existing television sets and to conduct interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities over the network.

The basic function of digital set-top box is to receive digital TV.

(1) electronic programme guide (EPG). To provide users with an easy to use, friendly interface, can quickly access to want to watch a program, television programs.

(2) high-speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with stock prices, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, popular websites and other news.

(3) online software upgrade. Online software upgrades can be viewed as one of the applications for data broadcasting. The data broadcast server broadcasts the upgraded software according to the DVB data broadcast standard. The set-top box can recognize the version number of the software, receive the software at different versions, and update the software stored in memory.

(4) Internet access and E-mail. The digital set-top box provides easy Internet access via a built-in cable modem. Users can surf the web and send e-mails through the box's built-in browser. At the same time, the set-top box can also provide various interfaces to connect to the PC, and connect to the Internet with the PC.

(5) conditional acceptance. The core of conditional reception is STB scrambling and encryption. The digital STB should have the functions of unscrambling and decryption.

The function of a new generation of set-top box should include: (1) receive analog television and digital television programs broadcast mode, (2) high speed access to the Internet, send and receive E-mail, (3) video on demand (VOD) and function of music on demand, (4) telephone, visual telephone, meeting TV, (5) connect the function of the VCR, VCD and other consumer electronics products, 6 electronic shopping, all landowners electronic games, etc.

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