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The difference of different materials of light diffuser plate


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1. Overview of diffuser plate:

    The light diffusion plate is a diffusion layer of light passing through a plastic substrate such as PMMA / PC / PET. When it encounters a medium (diffusing particles) different from its refractive index, multi-angle, multi-directional refraction, reflection and scattering phenomena occur In order to achieve the light diffusion effect, the diffusion plate provides a uniform surface light source for the display lighting assembly. Material difference of light diffusion plate

2. Theoretical basis of diffuser plate:

    The reason why the diffusion plate can achieve uniform light diffusion is that when light strikes a smooth interface from another medium, part of the light is reflected by the interface, and another part of the light is refracted in the other medium through the interface. The angle of incidence of light is equal to the angle of reflection, and the reflected light and the incident light are on both sides of the normal in the same plane. This is the law of reflection. The refracted light conforms to the law of refraction: the refracted light lies in the plane of the incident light and the normal, the refracted light and the incident light are on both sides of the normal, and the ratio of the sine of the incident angle and the refracted angle is a constant. The law of refraction and the law of reflection are both the foundation of geometric optics. They not only lay theoretical foundations, but also lay the foundation for the development of optical technology, especially the diffusion plate and the design of optical products.

3. The background of the diffuser plate:

    With the vigorous development of LED indoor lighting, how to improve the design of the lamp and improve the effect of the lamp, and make the dazzling light source of the LED into a soft and healthy light source without reducing the brightness of the lamp is the current research and development of LED lamp products Personnel have always been concerned, in this context, the diffusion plate came into being. The birth of the diffuser is an inevitable trend to replace the traditional frosted glass lampshade, it will play a "see the light but not the lamp beads" effect. Shanghai Zhanghong Industrial Diffusion Board is the leader among such high-quality diffusion boards.

4. Features of diffuser plate:

  1. The traditional diffusion plate is a method of frosting the surface of the material. The haze is low and the light absorption rate is high, and the light transmittance is low, which can only reach about 50%. According to the characteristics of lamps and lanterns on the market, especially the characteristics of LED panel lights and downlights, Shanghai Zhanghong Industrial uses optical grade PMMA / PC and other plastic plates as substrates, adopts advanced optical design and diffusion materials, and undergoes scientific formula processing. The light is continuously refracted, reflected and scattered between the chemical particles and the resin, thereby scientifically adjusting the direction of light propagation, so that the diffuser product has high light transmittance and good light diffusion effect.

  2. Smooth and smooth surface matte treatment, high-end and beautiful visual effects, wear resistance, scratch resistance, stable UV resistance, good weather resistance, PMMA diffusion plate can be used for a long time below 80 degrees Celsius, and PC diffusion plate can be at 120 degrees Use at the following high temperatures.

  3. The diffusion plate is easy to process, can be bent and thermoplastic, and has no effect on the performance of the material.

V. Application area of diffuser plate

  1. The high-diffusivity diffuser is suitable for LED lighting fixtures with direct light sources, such as downlights, grille lamps, and high-grade aluminum lamps.

  2. The high light transmittance diffuser is suitable for side-light LED lighting fixtures, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes for professional film viewing lights, etc. It is usually used in conjunction with light guide plates.

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