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The difference between a network set-top box and a TV set top box

  1. Function
    Apart from receiving du massive videos on the Internet from bai, interactive entertainment zhi is also a function that has to be mentioned, which is also a function that traditional TV set-top boxes do not have. The current network basic are smart devices, set-top box installed android such intelligent operating system, for example, the use of smart systems make it have more extensibility, such as installation after application to the television as a console game, or after installed the karaoke applications and can be used as a karaoke equipment at home and sing K.

  2. Signal
    In addition to the functional differences, the two signal sources are also different. Digital TV set-top box reception signal for special TV digital TV broadcasting signal sent by a service provider, the provider is generally all regions of the department of radio, film and television or the outsourcing sector, signal through independent coaxial cable transmission, effectively guarantee rate, so don't generally use digital TV set-top boxes to watch television meeting caton, stagnation and other anomalies; The network set-top box is directly connected to the Internet to play video, and its signal source is a variety of network video data transmitted through the network cable, and share network bandwidth with other Internet devices at home, so if other devices are downloading at full speed, it is basically unable to use the network set-top box to watch video.

  3. Charging mode
    In addition to the above mentioned, digital TV set-top box and network TV set-top box charging model is not the same. Digital TV set-top box usually USES specialized coaxial cable to transmit signals. There are professional TV service providers who need to pay a certain amount of TV service fees. And the network set-top box USES the ordinary network cable transmission signal, as long as the home has the Internet can be used, without additional payment for other services.


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