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The basic composition of LCD/LED TV


The composition of LCD/LED TV is generally LCD screen, chassis, motherboard, power board, remote receiving board, keypad, horn, 120Hz transfer board, backlight board (high pressure board) remote control, all connection lines.


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1. Motherboard components

 The main board component is the core part of signal processing in LCD TV, which is responsible for converting the external input signal into the digital signal recognized by the unified LCD under the action of the system control circuit. Input interfaces generally include: RF(TV TV) radio frequency signal, CVBS(AV) composite VIDEO signal, S-Video (S terminal), YPBPR component VIDEO, VGA(PC computer), HDMI, USB, CI card output interface: Headset, Coaxial(axial), extensible: DVD

2. Power components

The power supply module is the power supply, the function is to convert 220V(90V-260V) mains power into a stable DC voltage, used for the whole other circuits (main board, backlit board, high pressure board, etc.) working voltage. Liquid crystal power supply usually has +5V, +12V, +24V voltage output

The relationship between the power board and the motherboard is one that is independent and controlled by the motherboard.
The so-called independence is the power start into standby working state, do not need external circuit for control, only need to power up the power board, the power board in part of the circuit will enter standby working state. Output +5 voltage (5VSTB) to the motherboard as the mainboard control circuit standby power supply voltage.
The so-called controlled is whether the power board from standby state into the normal working state, ~ fully controlled by the motherboard to boot/standby control voltage is normal

3. key board component

The key board assembly generally consists of seven functional keys. The user can operate the LCD TV conveniently through this component

4. Remote receiver BOARD (IP BOARD)

The remote receiving board assembly consists of a working indicator light and a remote receiving head. The user can operate the LCD TV conveniently and know the status of the LCD TV by using the remote control.

5. Speaker assembly (speaker)

The function of a loudspeaker is to convert electrical signals into sound. The television usually uses a paper basin speaker.

The paper basin loudspeaker is composed of: permanent magnet, bracket, centering piece, copper wire voice coil, diaphragm folding ring cone type paper basin.

Full-tone speakers (wideband speakers) are generally used on TV sets, with F0=150Hz to 20KHz. Speakers with 8-euro 10W to 8-euro 15W power are generally used.

6. 120Hz transfer plate

The function of 120Hz transfer board is to convert the 60Hz signal given by the main board into 120Hz signal.

7. Schematic diagram of liquid crystal module

The main purpose of the screen is to display the picture, (components, LCD, diffusion film, light collector (prism), diffusion plate, light source body, reflective film).

Advantages - low cost and thin appearance
Disadvantages -- lack of uniformity of picture brightness (the lack of uniformity is due to the long lighting distance and high attenuation of light)
The brightness is relatively low (the brightness is low because there are fewer leds).

Advantages - screen brightness uniformity, with higher brightness.
Disadvantages - relatively high cost, the body will have a certain thickness.

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