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Suddenly: Taiwan earthquake! Several fabs are shut down!


A felt earthquake occurred in Taiwan on the evening of December 10. The fab 12, Fab 8, Fab 5 and Longtan packaging plant AP03 in Hsinchu at TSMC's potential were evacuated due to the earthquake intensity level 4 and the clean room was evacuated urgently. The Yuan Fab and Tainan Fab maintained normal operations.

TSMC came forward to refute the rumors, and the relevant person in charge of TSMC said: “According to TSMC’s internal procedures, some personnel in the northern plant area have been evacuated to ensure safety due to the magnitude of the earthquake in the plant area. The industrial safety system is currently normal, and some personnel have also returned. It is operating normally in situ. In addition, an investigation is underway, and there is no known significant impact."


Although the earthquake has little impact on the operating conditions of Taiwan’s wafer fabs, it is still necessary to shut down for several hours to check the working conditions of the machines. Now the production capacity is tight, and the sudden earthquake delays the shutdown for several hours, which will have a huge impact on production capacity and will further Increase the market gap due to imbalance between supply and demand.

Micron's DRAM fab is also located in Taoyuan, very close to Hsinchu. The recent Micron power outage just passed not long ago, which caught up with the earthquake. At that time, the power outage caused the entire DRAM quotation to rise. In this earthquake, it had to shut down for several hours for machine inspection, and the sensitive DRAM quotation might rise.

In addition to Micron’s Taoyuan DRAM fab, another professional DRAM foundry, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., is also located in the Hsinchu Science Park. It is understood that Power Semiconductor Manufacturing's fab has also been affected a bit, but the situation is not serious.

Taiwan is an earthquake-prone area in my country, and major enterprises in Taiwan are already familiar with responding to earthquakes. Although the earthquake did not cause a serious impact on the enterprises, the sensitive market can no longer withstand any turmoil. It is necessary to restore production capacity as soon as possible.

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