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SSD products show a trend of price increase and the price of memory chip products also price increase. Will price increase in the 4th quarter of 2020?


The price of mains product SSD also increased in September, while the price of DDR particle, industry and channel memory strip products also increased significantly. After half a year's price decline in the storage industry in 2020, the price finally rebounded in September. How long will this wave of price rise last?


Driven by the continuous strong demand of notebook market driven by teaching, home office and so on, coupled with the upcoming National Day holiday in mainland China, as well as shopping activities such as double 11 and double 12, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day in the United States and the United States will also follow. On the eve of shopping activities, the market demand of the industry has increased compared with before. Industry SSD market demand is stable, but the "wait-and-see" atmosphere is strong, only some product prices show a slight increase this week.

On the other hand, because the price continue to consume the inventory, lead to inventory level is low, so most businesses are ready or have some replenishment demand, causes the SSD industry market order is relatively stable, but since most of the personage inside course of study on subsequent uncertain or conservative point of view of market demand, industry market SSD price rises more moderate.

Memory chips: Samsung Storage, Micron, Hynix. If these three oligarchs cut off supply, the danger is not only mobile phones, but also industries such as computers. The big three account for nearly 84% of the memory-chip market. In addition, ARM is basically certain that it will no longer provide Huawei with a new CPU architecture for huawei to use. The timing of Nvidia's acquisition of ARM is also intriguing. We don't know whether the acquisition will succeed in the end.

At present, the short-term market condition of the memory-chip market is relatively stable, and the price price has not abated. However, we still need to closely observe the change of Q4 market demand and the impact of the subsequent progress of The Huawei event. In addition, the original factory is also a key factor affecting the supply of individual products.

Currently the United States, India and other countries and regions "epidemic" the situation is still grim, and into the fall and winter holiday will also watch the outbreak of rebound again, this to the subsequent mainland China National Day holiday, 11, 12, and Europe and the United States Thanksgiving, Christmas and other promotional activities to add variables, most people in the industry for the subsequent end demand cautious.

Driven by the stocking demand of the industrial chain, the storage market demand improved slightly in September, but the follow-up progress of The Huawei event, the performance of the terminal demand and the original factory trend are still relatively large variables.


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