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SLC NAND is popular with Winbond ESMT


SLC NAND Flash products support a wide temperature range of -25℃~85℃, which is ideal for new generation automotive, industrial and Internet of Things applications. SLC NAND products provide an ideal solution for applications that work in harsh environments, large temperature differences, and require long-term stable and reliable operation. Serial SPI NAND provides a perfect code and data storage solution for high-cost applications that used NOR Flash (SPI), high reliability requirements, small packages, and difficult to accept large-capacity NOR; and parallel SLC NAND products It is more suitable for applications that require higher bandwidth.

With the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, the deterioration of the global epidemic has affected the supply of storage. In addition, the superimposed demand of the three industries of smartphones, data centers, and communications promoted by 5G has caused the gap between supply and demand to exist for a long time. Product prices have risen. So when the epidemic is superimposed, the supply of memory chips will be affected to a certain extent, which will further increase the price of products, and the supply will also become unstable.

Major international memory manufacturers are fully expanding their 3D NAND production capacity, but their supply strategies for SLC NAND have changed. According to news from distributors, global memory manufacturers Samsung and Micron have gradually faded out of the low-capacity SLC NAND market below 4Gb. Prices are due to supply The reduction in volume is expected to increase first at the end of this year or early next year. Due to strong demand for SLC NAND including industrial control and security control, Internet of Things, and wearable devices, in addition to the transfer of related orders to SK Hynix, the legal person is also optimistic that Winbond, Macronix, and Jinghao Branch will directly benefit from the transfer.

Samsung, Kioxia, Micron, SK Hynix and other major international memory manufacturers are actively expanding their 3D NAND production capacity. As for the production capacity originally used to produce low-capacity SLC/MLC NAND Flash, because the mass production scale is not as good as before, based on cost considerations , The industry has reported that Samsung and Micron have gradually faded out low-capacity SLC NAND market news below 4Gb.

In the past, SLC NAND was mostly used in automotive or industrial control devices that required extremely high reliability and stability. However, as the reliability of MLC NAND increased, the medium and high-capacity SLC NAND market was gradually replaced by MLC NAND. Therefore, the industry changed low-capacity SLC NAND. Adjust to support SPI (Serial Peripheral) interface to solve the problem of high process cost after the increase of NOR Flash capacity.

In fact, NOR Flash is the most popular SPI interface flash memory at this stage, but the capacity is increased to 512Mb or 1Gb or more, and the unit manufacturing cost is greatly increased, but the process shrinking to 40nm or less also encounters big manufacturing problems. Therefore, memory manufacturers including Samsung, Winbond, Macronix have launched SPI interface low-capacity SLC NAND, providing system manufacturers with high-capacity and low-cost solutions, and also solved the operational problems of higher NOR Flash capacity and higher costs. . SLC NAND is still widely used in industrial control and security control, Internet of Things, wearable devices and other markets. Now Samsung’s reports are gradually fading out, and Micron has also reduced supply. However, market demand is still growing steadily, so system manufacturers have successively transferred orders to Memory factories that produce SLC NAND, such as SK Hynix, as well as Winbond, Macronix, and Jinghao Branch, which have been deploying SLC NAND with SPI interface for many years, also benefited simultaneously.

Winbond’s November consolidated revenue increased by 64.5% to RMB 6.675 billion. Macronix’s consolidated revenue in November decreased by 7.5% to RMB 3.010 billion. Jinghao Branch’s consolidated revenue in November increased by 46.5% to RMB 1.484 billion. The performance was better than market expectations. The industry believes that the bit supply in the low- and medium-capacity SLC NAND market will be significantly reduced next year due to the fading out of major manufacturers. In the case of reduced supply and increased demand, prices can rebound as early as the end of this year or early next year. For industry players It can also bring positive operational benefits.

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