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Single-chip solution for capacitive touch sensor and LCD driving function


As an agent of Nuvoton, the editor will introduce you to a single-chip solution that integrates capacitive touch sensors and LCD drive functions. NuMicro ML56 series has a wealth of peripherals to realize this capacitive touch thermostat , This reference design can provide environmental temperature sensing, touch control and LCD display temperature and time information.

The features of this program are:

 Support 9 cm x 6 cm HTN LCD

 Support 13 capacitive touch sensors

 Provide a graphical interface adjustment tool to configure capacitive touch sensor parameters and adjust sensitivity


Advantages of ML56 series

Support power-down mode and wake up function through Touch key

The chip has high factory consistency, and the calibrated Touch key parameters can be reused to the same type of board to save development time

 The built-in charge pump function of LCD does not cause flickering when the battery is powered down, the voltage range is 2.8V to 5.4V

 LCD built-in OP buffer has strong driving force, can push a 10x10 cm screen, and will not cause unclear contrast due to low voltage

Support up to 8 COM ports, saving I/O Pin

ML56 series features


 1T 8051

Working frequency up to 24 MHz

 Operating voltage 1.8V to 3.6V, I/O supports 5V tolerance

64 KB Flash


128 bytes SPROM to store confidential program codes

High anti-interference ability (EFT 4.4 kV, ESD HBM 7 kV)

HIRC accuracy full temperature and full pressure ±4%


 Up to 14 channels of 12-bit ADC support continuous sampling mode (Hardware automatically transfers the collected data to SRAM)

 Built-in two sets of ACMP

Built-in fifth-order reference voltage

 ADC built-in band-gap, the power supply voltage can be reversed under full temperature and full voltage (±1%)

Built-in up to 8COMx28SEG LCD driver and support charge pump, internal resistor divider

 Up to 14 capacitive touch channels, passing the IEC-6100-4 10V dynamic current test

Provide development and mass production tools to help customers save production process and time


 Up to 4 sets of UART can be connected to various sensors

12-channel PWM supports 16-bit high resolution and provides complementary output and dead zone control

PWM provides up to 4 timers to independently set different frequencies

GPIO provides strong drive current capability (24 mA)

With RTC to realize perpetual calendar function

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