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Nuvoton's new ultra-low power consumption NuMicro® ML51 microcontroller


Nuvoton's new microcontroller Nuvoton® NuMicro® ML51 series adopts 1T 8051 embedded core and provides a complete product series.

The power consumption of NuMicro® ML51 series can be lower than 1 uA in sleep mode, and the typical power consumption can reach 80 uA / MHz in normal operation mode. ML51 series provide configuration 16/32/64 KB Flash and 1/2 / 4 KB SRAM, wide operating voltage is 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V, can be used for industrial specifications operating temperature-40 ℃ to 105 ℃, and provide 10-pin to 64-pin Various packages.

 NuMicro® ML51 series provides four power management modes, which are normal operation, low-power operation, low-power idle, and sleep mode that provides multiple wake-up sources to provide users with the best power consumption. In idle mode, the clock source is 38.4 kHz built-in crystal oscillator (provides +/- 1% accuracy at room temperature), and serial communication with a baud rate of 9600 is provided; the power consumption is 13 uA in low-power idle mode, and the leakage in sleep mode The current consumption is less than 1 uA.

 The NuMicro® ML51 series provides the highest speed up to 24 MHz, and provides upgraded performance features, such as up to 8 channels 12-bit ADC, built-in fourth-order reference voltage for ADC and ACMP use, built-in accurate 2/3/4 V The voltage source internally feeds back to the 12-bit SAR ADC, without external components, can realize the power monitoring function, effectively reduce the cost of the application circuit, and the built-in DMA accelerates the data transmission to reduce the burden on the CPU. NuMicro® ML51 series provides more peripherals, such as 2 groups of UART, 2 groups of ISO7816-3 interface, 2 groups of I²C, 2 groups of SPI and up to 20 mA strong drive current pins.

In terms of chip security, in order to fully protect the intellectual property rights of customers, the MS51 series provides three protection mechanisms. The flash lock bit prevents internal programs from being read through the pins; built-in up to 128 Bytes SPROM (Security Protection ROM), SPROM area Can only execute programs that cannot be read; In addition, a 96-bit chip unique serial number (Unique Identification, UID) and a 128-bit unique customer serial number (Unique Customer Identification, UCID) are provided for customers to perform encryption and decryption operations by themselves.

 NuMicro® ML51 provides a complete product selection, while advocating energy conservation and environmental protection and adopting high-efficiency products, it can also meet the requirements of overall cost and reliability, whether it is related to the development of brushless DC motors, home appliances, power management applications and IoT devices Products are customer-optimized solutions. The features of high performance and low power consumption can be applied to more applications.

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