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Nuvoton M481 Base Series Application


The NuMicro® M481 basic series is based on Arm® Cortex®-M4F, which is a high-performance and low-power microcontroller with a DSP instruction set. The system can run up to 192 MHz, and the power consumption under dynamic operation is only 175 µA/MHz. Built-in 512/ 256 KB dual bank (Dual Bank) structure flash memory (Flash), can support OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware upgrade, and built-in 160/96 KB SRAM, including 32 KB cache (Cache) Used to accelerate the external SPI Flash in-place execution (eXecute-In-Place). The bootloader is pre-burned before leaving the factory to provide a secure boot (Secure Boot) function, which can check the integrity of the code stored in the built-in flash memory, and integrate the secure protection block (Secure Protection ROM) to provide a A safe space for storing confidential programs or information. Built-in One-Time Programmable ROM (One-Time Programmable ROM) block can be used for product life cycle management.

The NuMicro® M481 basic series supports operating voltages from 1.8V to 3.6V, and industrial-grade operating temperatures from-40 ℃ to 105 ℃. This series is equipped with a variety of high-speed UART / SPI / I²C / PWM peripheral interfaces. Package types include QFN33, LQFP48 and LQFP64.

Application areas:

IoT devices, data collectors... etc.

Key features:

• Core

 -Up to 192 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F core

 -DSP instruction set

 -Memory protection unit


 -512/ 256/ 128 KB flash memory

 -160/ 128/ 64 KB SRAM

 -4 KB security protection block (SPROM)

 -2 KB one-time burning block (OTP)

• Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) unit


• 16-channel peripheral DMA controller

• External bus interface

 -LCD parallel interface, i80 mode

• Clock source (Clocks)

 -4 to 24 MHz crystal oscillator

 -32 kHz oscillator for RTC

 -Internal 12 MHz RC oscillator

 -Internal 10 kHz RC oscillator

 -Internal PLL up to 480 MHz


 -80-byte backup register

• Timer and PWM

 -4 32-bit timers

 -12 enhanced PWMs with 12 16-bit timers

 -12 basic PWMs with 2 16-bit timers

 -1 24-bit countdown SysTick timer

 -1 watchdog timer

 -1 window watchdog timer

• Analog peripherals

 -1 12-bit, up to 16 channels 5 MSPS SAR ADC

 -2 12-bit 1 MSPS DAC

 -2 full swing (Rail-to-rail) comparators

 -2 operational amplifiers

• Communication interface

 -Up to 6 low-power UART interfaces (17 Mbps), including 2 LIN interfaces

 -Up to 3 ISO-7816 interfaces (3.4 MHz), supporting full-duplex UART mode

 -3 I²C interfaces (up to 3.4 Mbps)

 -1 SPI Flash interface (up to 96 MHz) supports 4-wire mode

 -1 four-wire SPI interface (up to 96 MHz)

 -Up to 4 SPI / I²S interfaces (SPI up to 96 MHz, I²S up to 192 kHz/16-bit)

 -1 I²S interface (192 kHz/ 32-bit)

 -2 USCI interfaces, support programmable UART / SPI / I²C

 -2 SD card controllers (50 MHz)

• Control interface

 -2 orthogonal codec interfaces

 -1 24-bit 3-channel input capture counter unit

• Operating characteristics

 -Voltage range: 1.8V to 3.6V

 -Temperature range:-40 ℃ to +105 ℃


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