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NuvoTon M031 microcontroller epidemic prevention start from the door


NuvoTon M031 microcontroller, M031 provides high elasticity can be applied to a variety of intelligent door lock, switch device.

Program features:

Use APP to connect with door lock and switch, do not have to repeatedly touch the door lock or switch to avoid infection.

No need to get out of bed to turn off the lights, as long as there is a mobile phone can control the switch

Don't worry about forgetting your keys, your phone or family can open the door for you remotely.

M031 microcontroller introduce:

1. M031 provides high elasticity and can be applied to all kinds of intelligent door lock and switch devices

2. Provide 1.8v ~ 3.6v working voltage, suitable for a variety of battery power products

3, with high precision PWM can accurately control the motor to do the switch

4. Up to 10 UART channels can be connected with a variety of sensors

5. SPI and EBI interfaces are provided, and 320x240 display panel can be connected externally

6. Provide small package suitable for all kinds of compact products

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