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Nuvoton Cortex-m4 M483KGCAE2A microcontroller


First, let's talk about Nuvoton performance. NuMicro ® M480 series microcontroller M483KGCAE2A is based on the Arm ® Cortex ® -m4f kernel. When the operating frequency is up to 192 MHz, the operating current can be as low as 130 A/MHz, and the RTC standby current is only 500 nA. Support for DSP instruction set and integration of Floating Point Unit (FPU, Floating Point Unit), flash Memory capacity of 256 KB and support for executive-only Memory (XOM), to protect program code or data; The SRAM has A capacity of 128kb and supports full or partial Retention in standby mode. The Retention of 32kb SRAM content requires only 10 A to meet the needs of low power consumption.

M483KGCAE2A built-in image capture module, transport interface support CCIR656 and CCIR601 and a variety of different data formats, built-in hardware binarization 1 bit brightness calculation to reduce the use of internal memory, and hardware minification function, on the minification function to perform faster. When using a higher-order camera, there are hardware picture reduction and hardware reduction (frame rate) functions, according to the needs of the received image size and update rate can be set, without too much data to receive. And having direct memory access (DMA) assists in transferring data to reduce CPU load.

With the above description function, combined with image recognition algorithm and DSP, M483KGCAE2A can capture digital symbols in the image and identify them, which is suitable for digital image recognition including smart water meter and license plate recognition.

NuMaker - M483KG development board

The numaker-m483kg main control board is equipped with the extension interface of all the pin positions of M483KGCAE2A, and provides the interface compatible with Arduino UNO, as well as the interface of external CMOS camera extension board, as well as the flexible power supply design, which is convenient for the development of various interface equipment or Arduino modules. The main control board is equipped with an electrical flow measurement interface, which enables users to easily measure the power consumption of the microcontroller during the development process.

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