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NovaTon Cortex-M4 microcontroller applications


NovaTon Numicro ® M451 series microcontrollers are based on the Cortex-M4 core and have instruction cycles up to 72 MHz. It has a group of 12-bit ADC and supports up to 16 channels, and 16-bit PWM can provide 12 channels of output, built-in DSP and FPU floating point operation unit, can improve the calculation speed of PM2.5.

In addition, M451 series has rich peripheral interfaces, providing 3 sets of SPI interfaces to support external memory devices and TFT-LCD(for data display), and 5 sets of low power UART to connect various wireless modules, combined with real-time data transmission and collection.

The M451 series of microcontrollers support operating voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V and industrial operating temperatures from -40 ℃ to 105℃. In addition, the M452 USB series provides 1 set of USB 2.0 FS OTG/Device, and the M453 CAN series provides 1 set of USB 2.0 FS OTG/Device and 1 set of CAN 2.0, allowing the combination of PM2.5 sensors for more applications.

PM2.5 air pollution detector scheme is used in the new tang architecture (M4 microcontrollers, PM2.5 to contain solid and liquid aerosols in the air, the causes for man-made pollution or natural factors, if the region of PM2.5 concentration is too high for a long time can cause a lot of harm to people, so in recent years all over the world for air quality monitoring PM2.5 will also be incorporated into the important index.

With the development of technology, air quality detection products have evolved from desktops to portable ones, and even further combined into wearable air quality detectors. Some of them also have the function of networking to upload data to the cloud in real time. At present most of the portable detector using light scattering in the original scattering (m type) to calculate the concentrations of PM2.5, which includes a light source control circuit and fan control interface is used to adjust into the measurement channel of air circulation to improve the accuracy, the master MCU as PM2.5 sensing device should have accurate ADC sampling capacity and stability of the PWM control.

Use Numicro M451 platform to develop PM2.5 sensor applications refer to the schematic diagram:

numicro M451.jpg

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