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Material characteristics of LED TV CKD kits - light diffuser plate


In recent years, with the promotion of the integrated ceiling industry, LED panel lights have gradually penetrated into the lighting industry and have become popular in the north and south, and even went global. With the remarkable features of ultra-thin, super bright, uniform and no stroboscopic, the grid lighting fixtures have been gradually replaced. This trend is accompanied by the development of new products and is expanding into a wider field. The light diffusing materials mainly used in LED panel lamps have also become hot.

At present, the material of the light diffusing plate mainly includes PMMA, PC, PET, etc., but this is only one of the determining scales for determining the effect of the diffusing plate. The different types of LED light sources, the distance between the light source and the diffuser are the basis of choice. If you subdivide according to this, plus the material and thickness, the diffusion plate can be matched with dozens of solutions, especially now. In a complex market, the various metrics are more difficult to unify. At this stage, the most used is the PC material. As for why PC material is the favorite of the major flat panel manufacturers, I will decrypt it one by one!

   Concept: A light diffusing plate is a diffusing layer of light passing through a substrate such as PC/PMMA/PS. When a medium (diffusion particle) different in refractive index is encountered, multi-angle, multi-directional refraction, reflection and scattering occur. Phenomenon, thereby achieving a light diffusing effect, providing a uniform surface light source for the display illumination assembly.

   Light diffusing plate produces background: In the process of LED lighting is gradually accepted by the market, the problem of the lampshade has always plagued the lamp manufacturer. It is necessary to have a high light transmittance as a premise, and at the same time, it has to have a relatively high light diffusivity and good light source concealability. The glass was originally used to produce the lampshade. The problem with the glass was that it was fragile, and the light diffusion effect was not very good. It was difficult to meet the lighting requirements and use it immediately. Later, it gradually developed to replace the glass with resin. If only the transparent resin is used as the lampshade, although the light transmittance is high, it can basically reach more than 90%, but the light scattering effect is not ideal, and the light source concealing performance is poor. Whiteboard resin, which has a low light transmittance, seriously affects the illumination of LED lights.

PC light diffuser features:

 The light diffusing plate (DF plate) has the advantages of increasing the light diffusivity and haze of the product under the premise of ensuring high light transmittance, and the entire plate surface forms a uniform light emitting surface by the action of the diffusing plate. The dark area is formed, and residual images are formed on the screen to make the picture more realistic and achieve a transparent and transparent visual effect. At present, the light diffusing plate is divided into PC light diffusing plate, PMMA light diffusing plate and PS light diffusing plate.

 The transmittance of PC light diffusing plate can reach more than 80%, while the light transmittance of ordinary grade white PC board is only 20%. Therefore, it is widely used in the advertising light box industry. Ordinary graded white PC boards can only be penetrated by light, but they do not function as uniform astigmatism, and light diffused PC boards can fully scatter LED light sources.

 PC substrate has excellent impact resistance, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and is not easily damaged during installation and transportation.

 The PC diffuser has a flame retardant rating of B2 and a higher safety performance.

 PC has a specific gravity of 1:2 and weighs only 1/2 of ordinary glass, so it is easy to construct and reduces transportation costs.

 The temperature resistance is -40-120 degrees Celsius and will not be deformed by long-term illumination of the light source.

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