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Mass production of the first 50nm 256M NOR Flash in China, a new era of 50nm technology is fully opened


The 50nm 256M ETOX NOR Flash developed by Boya Technology was successfully taped out in Shanghai Huali in early 2020 and has now been successfully mass-produced. This product is the first 50nm 256M NOR Flash in China. Compared with similar products of international first-line brands, the product performance parameters have reached the same level or even higher. Its successful mass production marks the official entry of domestic NOR Flash high-capacity products into the 50nm era.

Dr. Li Di, CEO of Boya Technology, said: “The successful mass production of 50nm NOR Flash has greatly improved the international competitiveness of China’s memory chips from the market supply side and helped the country’s new economic construction. It can better meet the needs of communications, Internet of Things, The development needs of new infrastructure fields such as the Industrial Internet provide strong support for the strengthening and optimization of the real economy. Boya Technology is the only NOR Flash supplier in the world that has both the ETOX process and the SONOS process. Through the cooperation with Shanghai Huali, it can achieve continuous Innovation."

  Dr. Shao Hua, Vice President of Shanghai Huali R&D, said: "The latest cooperation between Shanghai Huali and Boya Technology has verified the continuous breakthroughs in chip design and process technology. The 50nm 256M NOR Flash has a higher density than the mainstream 65nm NOR Flash process in the industry. The integration and smaller Die size have further enhanced competitiveness in terms of product performance and cost. We are very happy to work with Boya Technology to expand the NOR Flash product line to meet the wide range of applications of its end customers."

About Boya Technology

   Boya Technology is a chip design company headquartered in Zhuhai High-tech Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on memory R&D and design founded by a team of returnees with a Peking University background. It has core independent intellectual property rights and product R&D capabilities. It is the only company in the world with ETOX technology and The NOR Flash supplier of the SONOS process has successfully developed dozens of NOR Flash based on 65nm ETOX process, 55nm SONOS process, and 50nm ETOX process, and realized large-scale batch application to customers, with specifications and capacities covering the entire product line from 512K to 256M.

About Shanghai Huali

  Shanghai Huali, a subsidiary of Hua Hong Group, is a leading domestic 12-inch integrated circuit chip manufacturing company. It uses advanced technology, sufficient production capacity and high-quality value-added services to create a comprehensive chip manufacturing solution to serve customers around the world. Shanghai Huali has two fully automatic wafer fabs (Huahong 5th Fab and Huahong 6th Fab). Huahong 5th Factory has a monthly production capacity of 38,000 wafers, and Huahong 6th Factory has a designed monthly production capacity of 40,000 wafers, with independent intellectual property rights. 65/55nm, 40nm and 28nm logic process technology platforms, and derive and open CIS, RF, HV, ULP, eNVM and NOR Flash and other characteristic process technologies. At the same time, it can provide a wealth of IP, design services, and multi-project wafer services , Photomask service and wafer-level testing and other professional technical support to meet the diverse needs of customers.

How powerful is this "high-tech" chip

  The product adopts the current industry-leading 50nm ETOX NOR Flash process technology, combined with Boya Technology's innovative design and development, and has obvious technical advantages, with higher integration, smaller size, and lower energy consumption. With its high-performance and high-capacity advantages, this product adopts Boya Technology's independent innovation of 256M SOP8 packaging. It can be used in environments with very demanding requirements on cost, energy consumption, and size. It has international leading advantages and competitiveness, and fully meets high-end Apply customer needs.

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