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Light distribution design of LED backlight module


Backlight modules are widely used in advertising light boxes, LCD TVs, warning signs and other fields. The high-performance backlight technology is not yet very mature. How to improve the performance of the backlight module and the brightness uniformity is very important, and the research on related methods is of great significance. Next, the editor will introduce the Tv Cabinet Backlighting Design and the light distribution design of the LED backlight module.

Because light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have the advantages of high brightness, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range as backlights, they have replaced traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) backlights. As a new type of green light source, the light-emitting mechanism and structure of CCFL is completely different from that of traditional light source.


First of all, this article gives a detailed introduction to the light guide plate of the most important optical device in the edge-lit backlight module, from the three aspects of the classification of the light guide plate, the manufacturing method and the working principle. Subsequently, the light source LED, diffuser plate, reflective film and prism film in the direct-lit backlight module are introduced in detail.

Secondly, the light guide plate dot design theory of the side-type backlight module is introduced in detail.

A simplified model of light guide plate and LED light source is designed through optical simulation software.

Combined with the 17-point value method, the influence of the non-dot structure, uniform dot structure, and gradual dot structure on the uniformity of the light guide plate is analyzed.


Aiming at the problem that these design methods cannot improve the uniformity of larger-sized light guide plates, after analysis, a non-uniform dot distribution structure is proposed to make the uniformity reach 81.5%. Then through simulation analysis, the use of formula method for dot distribution is proposed, which solves the problem that the light guide plate is not suitable for super large-size backlight modules. After simulation, the uniformity reaches 93.9%, which provides a certain degree for the design of edge-type backlight modules. Design ideas.

Finally, the arrangement of light sources in the direct-lit backlight module is studied. Combining the rectangular arrangement and the staggered arrangement, the outer-dense mid-comb arrangement is proposed, which not only achieves a uniformity of 80.01%, but also facilitates the heat dissipation of the module and provides a design for the direct-lit backlight. A certain design idea.

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