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LED TV direct backlight solution


Indasina is a TV direct backlight LED solution provider; Indasina’s TV direct backlight LED driver has a 20MHz SPI bus, the current of each string of LEDs is 100mA, the current accuracy and matching degree are better than 3%, and it can drive 16x10 white LEDs , 16 devices can be cascaded to drive up to 2560 white LEDs. Provide 1MHz I2C serial port, the device includes advanced PWM engine and on-chip EEPROM, etc. Mainly used in TV and desktop computer monitors, medical, industrial instrumentation and automotive audio/video displays. This article introduces the main features, block diagrams, typical application circuits, and cascade connection circuits of TV direct backlight LED drivers.

The TV direct backlight LED driver provides a 1MHz I2C serial interface, which can realize the intensity control of the video frame by frame LED string for 16 cascaded devices, thereby realizing effective area dimming. The device uses an advanced PWM engine that can easily be synchronized with the video signal, and each string of LEDs has a phase adjustment function, thereby reducing unnecessary LCD phenomena such as motion blur.


Using Indasina's adaptive SourcePower™ technology, the DC-DC converter that supplies power to the LED string can be properly controlled. These efficiency optimizers can minimize power consumption while maintaining high LED current accuracy.

The unique combination of peak current control and pulse width management provides simple full-screen brightness control, various area dimming and stable white point. An external resistor is used to set the global peak reference current for all LED strings, and the global peak current fine adjustment is realized through an 8-bit register. Use the 8-bit global intensity register to adjust the global light string driving pulse width, and use the 12-bit register to adjust the pulse width of individual light strings.

It can monitor fault conditions such as open circuit, short circuit, loss of video synchronization and overheating, and provide fault output to notify the system controller. Provide detailed fault status and control via serial interface.

The TV direct backlight LED driver adopts 6 x 6 x 0.75mm, 40-pin TQFN package, and the operating temperature range is -40℃~85℃.

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