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LED TV backlight CKD parts name with picture


CKD Parts Introduction - Diffuser Film/Sheet

Diffuser is one of the components of backlight module. Its main function is to provide a uniform surface light source for the display.

Base material to choose light through high efficiency materials such as PET/PC/PMMA. Mainly in the spread of the conventional membrane diffusion film base material, join each chemical particles, as scattering particles, and the proliferation of existing plate between the particles dispersed in tree layer, so the light Xian after diffusion layer would continue again two refractive index through the medium of different, many will occur at the same time the light Xian refraction, reflection and scattering phenomenon, thus caused the optical diffusion effect.

The diffusion sheet structure from the bottom up is usually an antistatic coating, a PET substrate, and a diffusion layer.

Backlight module composition of the material from the bottom as the reflector plate, guide plate, diffusion, prism, the diffusion. Working principle is both diffusion material will light refraction and reflection of atomization, and will be out of small Angle light on the front in order to improve the front luminance. Diffusion mainly will be from the light guide plate together evenly onto a prism on a chip, and the diffusion is the main function of a prism pills shoot the light of atomization, and will even give light. At the same time the expansion can also protect the prism sheet.

Diffuser Film.png

Diffuser Plate

Diffuser Plate.png

Reflector Sheet


Prism film


TV CKD Parts Introduction - LED Bars

LED Bar refers to the assembly of led in a ribbon of FPC(flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, because the shape of the product is like a strip of the name. Because the service life is long (the general normal life is in 80,000 ~ 100,000 hours), and very energy-saving and green environmental protection and gradually in a variety of decoration industry.

In LED TV assembly, we use LED Bars with hard board PCB. LED backlighting refers to the use of leds (light emitting diodes) as the backlight for LCD displays. Compared with the traditional CCFL(cold cathode tube) backlight, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption, low calorific value, high brightness and long life, which is expected to completely replace the traditional backlight system in recent years.

The brightness of LED backlight is high, the brightness will not drop for a long time to use and the body of LED backlight is thinner, the appearance is also beautiful. LED backlight, the color is relatively soft, with the hard screen panel color can make the eyes more comfortable. Another advantage is that all LED backlighting is available, saving electricity and reducing environmental radiation.

LED Bar.png

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