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LED color temperature control in LED TV Backlight Solutions


What is color temperature?

Color temperature refers to the color change experienced by human eyes under different energies of light waves. In the calculation of the color temperature, in Kelvin, the black body radiation 0 ° Kelvin = Celsius - 273 °C as the starting point for the calculation. The black body is heated, and as the energy increases, it enters the field of visible light. For example, at 2800 °K, the color light is the same as the bulb, and we say that the color temperature of the bulb is 2800 °K.

The color temperature change in the visible light range is from orange to red -> white -> blue. The color temperature of standard daylight is about 5200~5500°K, the color temperature of newsprint lamp is 3200°K, and the color temperature of common tungsten lamp is about 2800°K. In the LED lens light products, an important specification number is the color temperature, which is related to the color characteristics displayed by LED lighting products. The general lamps also have color temperature specifications.

As for the LED lens strips,


Warm white/blue :4000-4500

Pure white   :6500-7500

cold white:10000-13000

Pls find here for more details about LED TV backlight solutions:

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