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LED Backlight Panel Diffuser Plate Analysis


Diffuser Plate In LED Panel Light Is Mainly Used For Wipe Off Spot And Mesh Of LGP (Light guide plate), make the light more even. Its main material is PC, PMMA, PS.




1, With high strength and elasticity modulus, high impact strength, extensive using temperature.

2, High transparency and free of dyeing.

3, High H.D.T. (heat distortion temperature, is refers to plastic under certain pressure, began to deformation’s temperature.).

4, Good fatigues resistance.

5, Good weather resistance. Weather resistance refers to plastic suffer sunlight, temperature, wind blowing, rain ect., emerge fading, discoloration, cracks, pulverization and strength decline ect. a series of ageing phenomena. The ultraviolet radiation is the key factor make plastic ageing).

6, Tasteless, odourless harmless to the human body, in line with the health and safety.

7, Forming shrinkage rate low, size stability is excellent.

Overall said, stability of PC is the best. Fire rating high, easy to pass the safety certification. But PC price is quite expensive, and electrostatic is high, easy to absorb dust in the assembling. And working time consuming cost too much (PC diffuser has protective film on both sides, some protective film is very difficult to tear, some tore a piece should be several minutes). The light transmittance rate of PC is relatively low. It is about 86%.


Polymethyl Methacrylate

PMMA Diffuser plate

Advantages and problem in application:

1. Acrylic plate has excellent weatherability, high surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.

2. Cost low, cheap material and easy molding. In the early LED panel light production, acrylic is popular.

3. Excellent printing effect. LED panel light is generally relatively simple. So if customer has need of a large area of screen printing, first choice is acrylic.

4. The flame resistance: Won’t be spontaneous combustion.

5. High light transmittance, can reach 90%. But also trouble about it. We know that LED panel light is backlit. High transmittance is difficult to hide speckle. It is easy appear light spot.

6, And acrylic is double sided with protective film, easy to absorb dust, production will cost time highly.

7. Acrylic is crisp, easy to break.



PS Diffuser Plate

PS has a very good chemical stability, thermal stability, optical characteristics, strong refraction, strong electrical insulating, high radiation resistance and little tendency of moisture absorption. Which can be used in humid environment. It can resist water and dilute mineral acids. But, at the same time, it is low impact strength, low weather resistance. If long exposure to outdoor, appear yellow, brittle phenomenon. Its heat resistance is poor, the deformation temperature is 70-90 °, only can be used in the environment under 70 °.

Low temperature resistant performance is not good, the embrittlement temperature was -30.

PS has many shortcomings, but use for LED panel light, its disadvantages are less obvious, and its advantages stand out.  LED panel light is generally used in indoor, working temperature is 20-60. Climatic influence is small.  High refractivity, will wipe off the lightspot.  It is perfect for indoor using.

On another way, its small static electricity is good for production.  The transmission rate is 88%, although can’t reach acrylic’s, other advantages can cover this small shortage.

Indasina has more LED backlight solutions include led backlight bar, diffuser plate, diffuser film and reflector sheet for LED TV CKD. Please contact us for more details.

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