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Introduction of LED Backlighting


LED backlight classification of a: edge light type.

  1, LED light backlight.

  LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes, a single LED lamp power consumption is the smallest. From blue to red, LED lights have a lot of colors. In a variety of colors, can be roughly divided into two kinds of bright and low. Since white is a mixed color, there is no unrecognizable wavelength value, so it is represented by its coordinate value on the chromaticity diagram. We customize the "cold white" and "warm white" two. In a variety of colors, there are color deviation problems, especially white, LED suppliers can not be effective control.

  2, CCFL backlight.

  LED Backlight The biggest advantage of this kind of backlight is the high brightness, so the larger black and white negative phase, blue mold negative and color liquid crystal display devices are basically used it. In theory, it can be based on the three primary colors of color to make a variety of colors. The disadvantage is the larger power consumption, but also the inverter circuit drive, and the operating temperature is narrow, between 0 to 60 degrees, and LED and other backlight can reach between -20 to 70.

  LED backlight classification two: the end of the backlight.

  Is a flat surface with a certain structure of the surface light source, can be a continuous uniform surface light source, such as EL or flat fluorescent lamp; can also be a more light source composition, such as dot matrix LED or incandescent backlight. Commonly used in LED dot matrix and EL backlight.

  1, LED backlight. That is, electroluminescence, is by the phosphor in the alternating electric field excitation under the intrinsic light and light of the cold light source. Its biggest advantage is thin, can do 0.2 ~ 0.6mm thickness. The disadvantage is low brightness, short life (usually 3000 to 5000 hours), need to drive the inverter, but also by the interference of the circuit and flashing, noise and other bad.

  2, LED backlight at the end. The advantage is good brightness, good uniformity. The disadvantage is the larger thickness (greater than 4.0mm), the use of LED more, the heat phenomenon is obvious. Generally used in low-light color design, and highlight the color because of the high cost is basically not considered.

led backlight structure.jpgIndasina is professional LED TV CKD/SKD overall solution provider and OEM/ODM manufacturer with 15 years' experience, which has excellent solution design ability, specialized R&D team, best pre-sales and after-sales service. LED TV size from 18.5" to 75" CKD/SKD both can be customized. Our Aim is to provide you the quickest and most thorough pre-market after-sales service and the best overall solutions.

We can provide LED TV whole CKD/SKD solutions, including plastic/plastic+metal TV Cabinet(front bezel, middle bezel, support shore, back cover, IR lens, bracket base, base rubber, backplane, side terminal plate, bottom terminal plate), Optics(LED bar/reflector/diffuser plate/diffuser film/prism sheet), Mainboard/motherboard, Electronics accessories(key board, IR board, wire for LED bar, speaker and speaker wire, remote, power wire, keyboard wire, LVDS wire), Ingredients(EVA gasket/glass limit/cushion rubbers/acetate tape/double sided foam for OC) and all screws(BB3*8/PWB3*8/BM3*6/BM3*4...).

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Indasina, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions.

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