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Ingenic X2000 processor chip won the 15th "China Core" outstanding technical innovation products


On October 28, 2020, the 15th "China Chip" IC Industry Promotion Conference and "China Chip" excellent product solicitation launching ceremony organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CDI) was held in Hangzhou. Ingenic AIoT processor Chip X2000 won the "China Core" outstanding technical innovation product award.


After 15 years of development, "China core" activities have become the wind vane and inspection of the development of domestic integrated circuit products and technologies, with great influence and authority. A total of 247 chip products from 165 companies were selected in the poll, a record high. This time Ingenic won the "China core" honor, is to the company to adhere to independent innovation again affirmed.

The Award-winning X2000 chip is a SoC chip with high performance, high integration and ultra-low power consumption. It adopts The XBurst2 CPU core of Ingenic's independent innovation for the first time. It is the world's first AIoT processor chip that supports SMT (synchronous multi-threading) technology, filling a technical gap in the field of embedded MPU.

As AIoT oriented market of a new generation of heterogeneous multi-core processors, across borders X2000 chip adopted a series of innovative technology, makes the chip has the performance of the AP chips, and both real-time and low power consumption characteristics of MCU, can also support lightweight AI computation, can be widely used in intelligent business, machine vision, smart home, intelligent conference and other intelligent terminal equipment.

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